Royal Blood - Typhoons (Official Video)

28 січ 2021
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The official video for Royal Blood - Typhoons
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Production : La Pac
Commissioner: Jennifer Ivory & Dom Mckiernan
Director: Quentin Deronzier
Producer: Anna Roudaut
Post Producer: Françoise Hernandez
Editor: Hugo Beron
Colorist: Thomas Canu
Assistant editor/colorist: Emilien Denis
3D Supervisor: Julien Missaire
3D Artist: Vitaliy Havrylyuk
3D Artist: Petr Shkolnyi
Flame Artist: Anthony Lestremau
Flame Artist: Alexi Bailla
Directors Representation: OB Management
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Rip the plug out the radio
Switch me off
Put me under
Till I’m sky high
Give me vertigo (somebody)
Let me know when it’s over
Cos all these chemicals
Dancing through my veins
They don’t kill the cause
They just numb the pain
I need waking up
I should face the truth
I could calm the storm
If I wanted to
My thoughts becoming parasites
That live to keep me terrified
I tell myself I’ll be alright
Typhoons keep on raging
And I don’t know why
I’m not letting go
Tear me up
Cast a shadow
I got game face
But it’s all for show
Can't give it up
Blow my cover
Cos all these chemicals
Dancing through my veins
They don’t kill the cause
They just numb the pain
I need waking up
I should face the truth
I could calm the storm
If I wanted to
My thoughts becoming parasites
That live to keep me terrified
I tell myself I’ll be alright
Typhoons keep on raging
And I don’t know why
Dark memories like lightning strike
Shake and sway me through the night
Raging on behind my eyes
I’m doomed and I’m waiting
For light in my sky
Typhoons keep on raging
And I don’t know why
About Royal Blood
Brighton duo Royal Blood comprising drummer Ben Thatcher and bassist/vocalist Mike Kerr formed at the beginning of 2013. They quickly made their presence known, with pounding drums and heavily distorted bass guitar defining characteristics of their ferocious blues-rock sound. The band gained many plaudits early in their career, touring with the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Iggy Pop and Foo Fighters, before going on to win Best British Group at the Brits in 2015 receiving their trophy from their musical hero and admirer Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page.
Their catalogue boasts the Mercury Prize nominated self-titled debut album released in 2014 that spawned hits such as "Out of the Black, "Little Monster:, "Come On Over" and "Figure it Out", as well as their second successive UK number one album "How Did We Get So Dark?" released in 2017 which featured "Lights Out" and "I Only Lie When I Love You".
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  • The song makes me feel high, not like really high vocals, not like on drugs, like climbing a cliff, pretty amazing wouldn’t expect a song to make me feel that

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  • Royal Blood, Kaleo and Greta Van Fleet are all going to release their new album in the second half of April. That will be awesome.

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    • @Gabe bass man Addison King is excellent, thanks.

      babaroga73babaroga734 дні тому
    • Not all the new stuff will be like this, this song and trouble’s coming was wrote after the album was thought to be done even though they are more poppier, listen to the videos of Boilermaker or king, if that doesn’t change your mind than I feel bad for you

      Gabe bass man AddisonGabe bass man Addison4 дні тому
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  • When a hurricane hits Florida, i played this song as it turns into a typhoon

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  • I wish my bass guitar album could get this many listens. Anyone actually heard it?

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    • If you didn’t know royal blood are only bass guitar and drums that’s really hard to do 😁

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    • would you mind listening to THE IMPURES new song "threats"

      stonksstonks12 днів тому
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  • Holy Shit! Kick Ass music! Excellent concept! Mindblowing video! The utter simplicity and singular imagery combined with powerful lyrics and gut wrenching music make me want to scream to the top of my 60 year old lungs, "THIS IS WHAT ROCK AND ROLL WAS MEANT FOR!" Seeing all those young kids circling around the band and creating a whirlwind to make a statement to us in the older generations saying, "WE ARE HERE! WE ARE VALID! WE ARE YOUR FUTURE!!! HEAR US!" speaks volumes. This video hit me hard!

    Ed YoungEd Young12 днів тому
  • Who else is here because of Rick Beato? 👇

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    • Some of us just have good taste in music, no need to get someone to point it out....

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    • me

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    • would you mind listening to THE IMPURES new song "threats"

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    • would you mind listening to THE IMPURES new song "threats"

      stonksstonks12 днів тому
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    Trevor M.Trevor M.13 днів тому
    • It’s a bass guitar yes and he’s playing the beginning riff on the D string but with lots of effects lol

      Gabriel AddisonGabriel Addison9 днів тому
    • It is a bass but he has a mad setup to make it sound more like a guitar or bass depending on what he needs

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