YouTubers React To FaZe Jarvis KNOCKING OUT Michael Le

13 чер 2021
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  • Lol

    RobertRobert17 годин тому
  • I feel bad for le he wasn't experienced then there is jarvis that I think trained hard

    Shadow noobShadow noob3 дні тому
  • yesFaZe Jarvis likeu

    Melvin MarroquinMelvin Marroquin4 дні тому
  • Jarvis let’s goooooooooo!!!!!!!!

    Brandon NguyenBrandon Nguyen4 дні тому
  • okkk

  • Faze clan be hitt'in those 200 pumps left and right

    Benxamin Delgado CampbellBenxamin Delgado Campbell5 днів тому
  • Imagine if faze Jarvis got banned from tiktok Cuz he won Micheal lee

    BFC Invest and short now.BFC Invest and short now.5 днів тому
  • Jarvis has potential to be a good boxer.

    aj Destrezaaj Destreza6 днів тому
  • Fucking love you Jarvis and I really hope you keep training hard yo, and maybe fight Jake Paul😁

    Trevor LinnTrevor Linn8 днів тому
  • This is like when your 6 year old cousin wants to play fight and you come up gunz blazing and absolutely go ham

    Jakub MrozewskiJakub Mrozewski8 днів тому
  • One of the cleanest knockouts from team UKmate

    MilkeeMilkee8 днів тому
  • You’d think this dude just won a world title from how his team reacted. Now THATS a mf squad 💯💯💯

    Tony BTony B11 днів тому
  • I Love It!

    RiqzRiqz11 днів тому
  • You can say Michael just got banned from boxing

    Minecraft kidMinecraft kid12 днів тому
  • Pretty messed up no one got paid!!

    Miss LdMiss Ld13 днів тому
  • Respect to FaZa jarvis

    Not Some KidNot Some Kid13 днів тому
  • Plot twist: Michael le was the first one to report Jarvis for aimbot

    ItzUltrazItzUltraz13 днів тому
  • “A man-made… man” 💀

    daniel murphydaniel murphy15 днів тому
  • Jarvis vs KSI??

    Lxquid DarxLxquid Darx19 днів тому
  • pure dominance

  • Aim assist

    yup for sureyup for sure19 днів тому
  • Easy jarvis

    DatGamerDatGamer19 днів тому
  • this is very insprational and tis literaly made me cry faze up jarvy😆

    ya boi trunksya boi trunks20 днів тому
  • Gg woooooo

    Karim SmithKarim Smith20 днів тому
  • Jk

    Karim SmithKarim Smith20 днів тому
  • Jarvis has Aimbot on fortnite and in real life what

    Karim SmithKarim Smith20 днів тому
  • LMFAO micheal le moves like a snail

    ChirstopherChirstopher21 день тому
  • Jarvis vs jake paul?? Or jarvis vs KSI???

    XDL ZoozyXDL Zoozy21 день тому
  • I'm Piggy

    piggy the pigpiggy the pig21 день тому
  • Hi

    piggy the pigpiggy the pig21 день тому
  • Let's be honest, that was an annihilation

    WTWT22 дні тому
  • I could watch this over and over again, it gives me goosebumps. Beautiful and effortless knockout man... 👏

    Tamarin ThomasTamarin Thomas22 дні тому
  • wow

    Vortext is a daddyVortext is a daddy22 дні тому
  • Dylan "dynamite" Diaz would mopp up jarvis.

    aye Gaye G23 дні тому
  • Frazier was literally sweating more than Jarvis

    Siphelele TukaniSiphelele Tukani23 дні тому
  • I hear the scream lol

    Danny TruongDanny Truong23 дні тому
  • I honestly feel bad for Michael because of how he got knocked the shit out of him

    MetiiMetii23 дні тому
  • “He got shot by the FaZe Jarvis aimbot “ had me dead 💀

    supツsupツ23 дні тому
  • We all knew he was winning he stands no chance Jarvis holyyyyyy mateeee

    Fortnite GodFortnite God23 дні тому
  • Turn off aimbot

    Xking OfficialXking Official24 дні тому
  • You should do youtubers react to kay getting banned from faze!!!

    Mexican Vibes294Mexican Vibes29424 дні тому
  • Michael le got sent to the gulag jesus christ

    The EvangerThe Evanger24 дні тому
  • Bruh, Le fell like he lost a match of mortal Kombat

    Dilraj SinghDilraj Singh24 дні тому
  • UKmate is better than TikTok

    juanjuan24 дні тому
  • Nooooooooooo I hate you how how that is so so bad I wanted Le to win

    NOOB_TGgamerNOOB_TGgamer25 днів тому

    xcry_sadAxcry_sadA25 днів тому
  • They should unban faze Jarvis for this😂😂

    Graham PettegrewGraham Pettegrew26 днів тому
  • Faze Jarvis should box Jake Paul

    Jose MartinezJose Martinez26 днів тому
  • Miche was blind he said ;-;

    Asian GamerAsian Gamer27 днів тому
  • God among man

    Nitoy ObusanNitoy Obusan27 днів тому
  • Jarvis op

    Nitoy ObusanNitoy Obusan27 днів тому

    AKIN   AhmedAKIN Ahmed28 днів тому
  • Wow

    AKIN   AhmedAKIN Ahmed28 днів тому
  • My guy Jarvis 200 pumped him like it was the person who banned him😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    Wakeef Aan RawaadWakeef Aan Rawaad28 днів тому
  • bruh Faze Kay was so red when Jarvis won :D

    Cat SquadCat Squad29 днів тому
  • Lets go jjjjjjaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrvvvvvvvvvvvviiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssss

    Hasnain The FlashHasnain The Flash29 днів тому
  • Kay is sweating more then jarvisclol

    cwc fancwc fan29 днів тому
  • King Jarvis

    Jayden AOJayden AOМісяць тому
  • We like your UKmate videos Jarvis

    Jayden AOJayden AOМісяць тому
  • 2:24 the emotions

    Captain PacmanCaptain PacmanМісяць тому
  • Kay was sweating more than Jarvis just by screaming😂

    416 Seb416 SebМісяць тому
  • Your the goat🐐🐐🐐 HOLY MATE 🔥🔥🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

    Wlat NabiWlat NabiМісяць тому
  • Why is ksi in the thumbnail

    Kim KaiKim KaiМісяць тому
  • That's cool and all, but the loser still cheats in fornite. lmao

    Random PersonRandom PersonМісяць тому
  • Oh I see how he got the knockout he got it with a punch to the chin

    Seasonal PineSeasonal PineМісяць тому
  • Respect to Michel le he fighter good too

    Albert VejarAlbert VejarМісяць тому
  • Jarvis should go to epic games and tell them to unban him and if they say no he knocks them out

    OmarOmarМісяць тому
  • 😂

    YEETUS6942O1YEETUS6942O1Місяць тому
  • Give props to his coach he came all the was to Miami and supported Jarvis

    Godly YeastGodly YeastМісяць тому
  • that boi sleeping

    YungstewYungstewМісяць тому

    Ronann Kobe EspejoRonann Kobe EspejoМісяць тому
  • michael le is dead because of jarvis

    Ezra EzraEzra EzraМісяць тому
  • 0:51 you can see michael standing in disappointment

    Jeremy OwusuJeremy OwusuМісяць тому
  • "The Faze Jarvis aimbot." - Keemstar

    ZM PunkZM PunkМісяць тому
  • that wasn’t a knock out that was a knock down

    Anthony RuizAnthony RuizМісяць тому
  • The sweat on Frazier's neck's got me there

    SharkVixionSharkVixionМісяць тому
  • Did you realize Michel had better movement and after round 2 he just was idk

    DaRkBlazeYTDaRkBlazeYTМісяць тому
  • I love the ways Manger Jordan reacts

    chwi dayaochwi dayaoМісяць тому
  • @Jarvis👑👑👑👑👑

    KhaledLGKhaledLGМісяць тому
  • T

    leanne keaneleanne keaneМісяць тому

    36・Mafia36・MafiaМісяць тому
  • Jarvis with the aimbot

    Tookermx 00Tookermx 00Місяць тому
  • 1:31

    David EscobarDavid EscobarМісяць тому
  • Nice job

    united drift king√united drift king√Місяць тому
  • Just imagine how badly tiktok would get destroyed if there were ksi and Logan Paul fighting for youtube

    Rahil MittalRahil MittalМісяць тому
  • If I was a boxer I would have faze see god already

    Keith WhitfieldKeith WhitfieldМісяць тому
  • imagine tfue in the ring..........

    music 114music 114Місяць тому
  • 220 pump headshot

    Max playzMax playzМісяць тому
  • He got bopped by the aimbot and had the dub

    derick mulioderick mulioМісяць тому
  • Jarvis your the best

    Ninjazzz zzzNinjazzz zzzМісяць тому
  • Le only lost because his contact came out so he lost about 1.25 percent of his eyesite

    wavyッwavyッМісяць тому
  • i wish faze jarvis lose

    ana shamugiaana shamugiaМісяць тому
  • Im a Michael Le fan

    Martin RosalesMartin RosalesМісяць тому
  • I hate this

    Martin RosalesMartin RosalesМісяць тому
  • Imagine faze Jarvis vs Austin mcbroom 💥

    JoaoGamer8JoaoGamer8Місяць тому
  • Jarvis hit michal le with the 200 pump

    Mentor XhaferiMentor XhaferiМісяць тому
  • jarvis was roadmen that boxing event

    Nick_G0RR GamingNick_G0RR GamingМісяць тому
  • michael le: nah i think i might just go to sleep

    chocomilkchocomilkМісяць тому
  • The fact that the SIDEMEN and FaZe clan are saying that Jarvis is the best, just makes me happy😤🔥🔥

    Luis PachecoLuis PachecoМісяць тому