Maroon 5 - Sugar (Official Music Video)

14 січ 2015
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Music video by Maroon 5 performing Sugar. (C) 2015 Interscope Records

  • Nice musicnya enjoy 😁

    Rafli TampanRafli Tampan4 хвилини тому
  • This is my all time favorite UKmate video. XXOO

    Eileen BarrettEileen Barrett5 хвилин тому
  • August 2021, let’s see how many peaple are listening to this masterpiece

    Edson AndradeEdson AndradeГодину тому
  • 3:20 um she say W*F

    Phat DangPhat DangГодину тому
  • Beautyful song make me happy when i sad . Thank you so much

    Today Football MatchToday Football Match2 години тому
  • Pre covid wedding be like

    VutalitVutalit2 години тому
  • 击败鸟叔,鸟叔真牛,现在是AW这些人最火吗?

    王松浩王松浩2 години тому
  • ..a......,.a.aa

    m lopezm lopez2 години тому
    • Pppqpapap

      m lopezm lopez2 години тому
    • Ollllllllll

      m lopezm lopez2 години тому
  • .q..q Q.q.q.

    m lopezm lopez2 години тому
  • Everything was perfect when this song is trending :)

    that girlthat girl2 години тому
  • This why I pay my internet bill every month.

    Q  𝐉σĦn 5Q 𝐉σĦn 53 години тому
  • Me encanta mucho

    GranHumberto77ytxd GamerGranHumberto77ytxd Gamer4 години тому
  • D. B ;

    The Watkins FamilyThe Watkins Family4 години тому
  • Maravilhoso sempre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    leonora adissi cordeiroleonora adissi cordeiro4 години тому
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    Rayna HicksRayna Hicks4 години тому
  • Me gusta

    Flor ibel GarciaFlor ibel Garcia5 годин тому
  • It doesnt feel like its a 6 year old song already

    Enrique Malpartida BermejoEnrique Malpartida Bermejo6 годин тому
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    PrayershubPrayershub6 годин тому
  • Love de you

    Lidia OchoaLidia Ochoa7 годин тому
  • I'm here because kim woojin cover this song

    n dn d9 годин тому

    kindly help me to reach 50k with no video,plzkindly help me to reach 50k with no video,plz9 годин тому
  • wah luar biasa shock..

    Kasga RecordKasga Record11 годин тому
  • 6 year has past I'm still listening to this song, I must be a legend 😂

    Sasha SilverinaSasha Silverina12 годин тому
  • ETERNAL JOY 😂 💖❤ 💖 ❤

    Andrew JonesAndrew Jones12 годин тому
  • Quy

    Hieu NguyenHieu Nguyen13 годин тому

    Qw30Qw3013 годин тому
  • I become completely all-knowing everywhere knowledge is power.

    Michael OlthofMichael Olthof14 годин тому

    Qw83Qw8316 годин тому
  • cool bro i love it and i am from viet nam bro

    nguyen hoang quannguyen hoang quan17 годин тому
  • I was really good to hear this song My teacher recommended this song I know now I do not have it but I am struggling to hear this song

    내 좋아요수 김정은 망할수내 좋아요수 김정은 망할수18 годин тому
  • "Imagine how many people still come back to this song everyday 6 years

    mahadvemahadve18 годин тому
  • ds

    DemsTVDemsTV19 годин тому
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    lihua 人生2我3而是334lihua 人生2我3而是33419 годин тому
  • 4u如6记忆5

    lihua 人生2我3而是334lihua 人生2我3而是33419 годин тому
  • Diese sprechenden Mülltonnen die es nicht bis zum Bastard gebracht hatten gehören keiner Minderheit an....

    Melanie MurczakMelanie Murczak19 годин тому
  • Mojada de bragas de las novias, hahahhaa

    Liv CamposLiv Campos19 годин тому
  • Das hier ist die Hochzeit ich brauche keine Kontoauszüge einlesen... Das Testzentrum ist ja nicht wirklich abgebrannt.... Labert keine Scheiße... Ich kann in so gut wie jedem Scheiß eine Wahrheit finden... Wie auch immer... Nicht alles ist Psychologie.... Fickt niemals mit mir ihr wertlosen Abfälle ohne jeden Wert....

    Melanie MurczakMelanie Murczak19 годин тому

    すらいむぅすらいむぅ20 годин тому
  • My favorite 💕 💖 ❤ 💜 ♥ 💛

    Faby DiosesFaby Dioses21 годину тому
  • lol the music video got a copyright claim

    Inf gamer lolInf gamer lol21 годину тому

    TOP NCSTOP NCS21 годину тому
  • I love this song.

    Mabel DinsdaleMabel Dinsdale21 годину тому

    Qw15Qw1522 години тому
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  • I feel really good listening to this every time 🧡🧡

    E. LaneE. Lane22 години тому
  • 👀

    Understand Bro translate HololiveUnderstand Bro translate Hololive23 години тому
  • What if the caffeine instead of sugar was in that housework?

    coffeecoffeeДень тому
  • *{**0:41**} começa!* *espero ter ajudado

    lobox fflobox ffДень тому
  • I'm leaving comment here so that after a year someone likes it, I'll be notified and play this masterpiece again 💖

    Rap TopicRap TopicДень тому
  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Maria de La-Sallete Mota SimõesMaria de La-Sallete Mota SimõesДень тому
  • 😍😍

    김윤혁김윤혁День тому
  • Good day I love maroon 5 oh I am aria I am 6

    Marylin MznMarylin MznДень тому

    Aridio Quezada ValdezAridio Quezada ValdezДень тому

    Aridio Quezada ValdezAridio Quezada ValdezДень тому
  • That was amazing!!

    Don WestonDon WestonДень тому
  • This music is so good. I have watched it 2 times.

    AJ LeeAJ LeeДень тому
  • Vou casar de novo com a rochele só pra ter eles no meu casamento

    Julios SafadinhoJulios SafadinhoДень тому
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  • Like for maroon

    Cesar Augusto RiañoCesar Augusto RiañoДень тому
  • I like to see couples' reactions as they saw Adam surprisingly 😄

    Vitaliy SorokinVitaliy SorokinДень тому
  • Is this a joke band, something you play at a party to mess with people heads?

    akasqueezerakasqueezerДень тому
  • 1:23 Adam from the Dark series…

  • this song is magic

    fotodejogonoperfilfotodejogonoperfilДень тому
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    victor gonzalezvictor gonzalezДень тому
  • 2060?

    Harman Singh WaliaHarman Singh WaliaДень тому
  • Still best video EVER!

    Stacy ClarkStacy ClarkДень тому
  • Imagine dragon

    Irene ChiangIrene ChiangДень тому
  • Holy smacaronies 3+Bilion viewes

  • I love it it"s the BEST

    Arianna BargasArianna BargasДень тому
  • I’m gonna come back in a few years just to see that chefs face

    SoulSnipezz YTSoulSnipezz YTДень тому
  • words from 2021 : music can make us happy❤

    isekai Murakamiisekai MurakamiДень тому
  • ---->

    RaZoR WrAiThRaZoR WrAiThДень тому
  • Google razorwraith 🌋🌹🤘🏾🗺️🌐

    RaZoR WrAiThRaZoR WrAiThДень тому

    Qw44Qw44День тому
  • Ooo nostalgia 😪

    ༒M̷D̷K̷༒ joao༒M̷D̷K̷༒ joaoДень тому
  • god

    Valsen HarryValsen HarryДень тому
  • I'm just brazilian and I dare this song every day??

    Djalmacraftbrt 12Djalmacraftbrt 12День тому
  • Tu viendras

    vanessa savardvanessa savardДень тому
  • This is my favorite song

    sylvienachongsylvienachongДень тому

    Andrew JonesAndrew JonesДень тому
  • Dont do this, today covid can attck you 😂

    Mangpew GamingMangpew GamingДень тому
  • Now I realize music will never be the same

    Habib DiarraHabib DiarraДень тому
  • กูคนไทย

    มาดู channelมาดู channelДень тому
  • Still listening this song 😁

    Ian RosarioIan RosarioДень тому
  • Imagine it is your birthday and suprise gift is maaron 5

    Kamal jatavKamal jatavДень тому
  • I want this on my birthday!

    SscheringeSscheringeДень тому
  • Me myself and I become completely knowing everything everywhere everytime.

    Michael OlthofMichael OlthofДень тому
  • 2021 here

    Nor AslindaNor AslindaДень тому
  • Imagine having the honor of Maroon 5 at your wedding And when u tell ur children maroon 5 was at ur wedding they say whos maroon 5

    Madlad6274Madlad6274День тому
  • F*cking nostalgic

    VhumpyVhumpyДень тому
  • 2021 👋🏻

    joy khyll enganejoy khyll enganeДень тому
  • Believe me or not Everytime I watch this It makes me smile and happy, Not gonna lie.

    Jalex JomjomarJalex JomjomarДень тому
    • K daddy

      RaiN -_-RaiN -_-День тому
  • 빌치유요요요요요요요요요요요요요요요요요

  • 요요요요요요요요요요요요

  • He little look like a Lucifer Morningstar 😂

    Jimmy HolubJimmy HolubДень тому
  • The memories

    O!RUGAY2O!RUGAY2День тому
  • 미국같은 나라처럼 파티를 하고 차려놓는 뭐 그런 문화가 부럽다고만 생각하진 않지만 결혼식장에서도 밴드가 나타나면 주저없이 몸이 나서는 그런 분위기라는 게 신기하고 부럽기도 하다.

    허믈허믈День тому