harry styles creating awkward situations for 6 minutes straight

6 лют 2021
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He is a very awkward human being and is almost always on crack but somehow makes it funny. Here's some awkward moments 😁
harry styles acting as straight as this line ~~~~: ukmate.info/clip/mnic3JbUf6uleYo/v-deo.html
harry styles dodging interview questions: ukmate.info/clip/25yXyqi7e62YpWU/v-deo.html

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  • Lol

    stephtrishastephtrisha3 години тому
  • I think i found the best six minuts of my life

    MobinaMobina2 дні тому
  • My favourite. He's so natural. He is being himself.

    Supamas A.Supamas A.2 дні тому
  • Watermelon Sugar Hi ! 👋

    Gary JamesGary James2 дні тому
  • *my fbi agent watching me smiling at my laptop like a chimpanzee*

  • He is so sweet

    Zoey martinZoey martin3 дні тому
  • J

    varvar3 дні тому
  • ❤️🍒🍉

    cecilia rebelezcecilia rebelez4 дні тому
  • pls

    jasmin siguenzajasmin siguenza5 днів тому
  • I don't listen to this group but I'm quite a fan of this dude.

    Weird MikeWeird Mike9 днів тому
  • Best part is weird dude from Dunkirk and Killing of a sacred deer

    Daniel WDaniel W11 днів тому
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    soniya dicostasoniya dicosta13 днів тому
  • yeah, yeah yeah

    Elisabetta PierriElisabetta Pierri13 днів тому

    fokingavacado28fokingavacado2813 днів тому
  • 2:43 haunts me, the second hand embarrassment 😭

    samara murraysamara murray14 днів тому
  • Harry: "uH, what did we win???" Liam: "thankthefansandeveryone thankthefansandeveryone"

    Hmmm NopeHmmm Nope14 днів тому
  • In the beginning that version of it's a sign of the times, is it an actual remix? Cause it sounds chaotic and I'm living for it

    Hmmm NopeHmmm Nope14 днів тому
  • "People are saying this album is after a breakup " *"okay"*

    PrincyPrincy15 днів тому
  • What is a potato directioner?

    U.B. ArnaU.B. Arna16 днів тому
  • What did he mean in the 1st clip?

    U.B. ArnaU.B. Arna16 днів тому

    Winter RoseWinter Rose17 днів тому
  • Awkward?? That’s an understatement!!

    The SuccessThe Success17 днів тому
  • Here's an epic idea if you LOVE to SMILE. 💡 If you have Hulu YOU HAVE TO WATCH PERFECT STRANGERS!!! It's the FUNNIEST SHOW EVER!!! You will fall in love with the humor and cousin Balki, played by the comedy LEGEND, the one and only BRONSON PINCHOT!!! I LOVE BALKI SO MUCH!!!!! He is so adorable and funny! He will have you LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!!!! YOU WON'T REGRET IT

    Mrs. ChickMrs. Chick18 днів тому
  • I didnt expect to laugh so dang hard watching this lmao Louis' 'Harry this is getting weird now' making me laughed 5 mins non stop 😂😂😂

    Sheila RSheila R19 днів тому
  • I want to be famous for the soul purpose of making things awkward on national tv

    ToastyFishToastyFish19 днів тому
  • 3:12 I'm sorry I'm not that good at English so what word was he talking about 👀

    ugly fuzozziugly fuzozzi19 днів тому
  • Sometimes I forget how funny harry actually is.

    iloveyoufreddiemercuryiloveyoufreddiemercury19 днів тому
  • I think this video should be renamed Harry Styles being to blunt for anyone to take and a total crackhead for the rest of the video🤣🤣

    Adrie PerchAdrie Perch19 днів тому
  • what's that with the pizza man? I need to see it whole please xd

    Natalia HNatalia H20 днів тому
  • Liam: we don’t keep secrets Harry: i have a secret Liam: 🤨 would you stfu

    Hannah ColonHannah Colon21 день тому
  • "If you weren't a music artist, what would you be?" "VIRGIN" 😭🤣😭LMFAO

    Khushi GargKhushi Garg22 дні тому
  • Bruh that pizza guy must’ve thought he was in something 😭😭😭😭😭

    Enigma1DayEnigma1Day23 дні тому
  • This is life

    Lil l 💅🏻Lil l 💅🏻23 дні тому

    Zahra IbrahimZahra Ibrahim23 дні тому
  • 03:07 i didn't get the joke, somebody explain pls :(

    Fatima ShahzadFatima Shahzad25 днів тому
  • I died when I saw the floating picture at the end

    Sarah PhillipsSarah Phillips26 днів тому
  • Setting boundaries is not "awkward"

    Alex TAlex T26 днів тому
  • “When you SMASHED my face into an ice cream cake?🤔🤔” HAHAHAH I LOVE THAT INTERVIEW

    frankiefrankie26 днів тому
  • Harry: I like girls The rest: *in shock*

    ThatProGamerThatProGamer27 днів тому
  • "What did we win?" 😂😂😂

    Tiffany C.Tiffany C.28 днів тому
  • The guy isn’t even on this planet! Great entertainer,zero personality!

    Scott RomansScott Romans29 днів тому
    • Sorry did u just say harry has zero personality?

      Burnt Chicken NuggetBurnt Chicken Nugget26 днів тому
  • OMG the forró version in the beginning 😔✊🔥🔥🔥

    gi baooogi baoooМісяць тому
  • Potato Directioner. Harry definitely knows the inside jokes

    Sneha SaraSneha SaraМісяць тому
  • this should’ve been the title for the ellen pizza thing

    kelseykelseyМісяць тому
  • H: I have a secret Liam: I thought we were trying to keep this whole Larry thing quite HAROLD. Shut up- 😩🤚💙💚

    iPhOnE cOnSpIrAcYs💙💚iPhOnE cOnSpIrAcYs💙💚Місяць тому
  • I can't get past 0:14

    Ultimawerewolf Blue PhoenixUltimawerewolf Blue PhoenixМісяць тому
  • Harry’s poor nose 👃🏻🧊🤕

    Joslyn VlogsJoslyn VlogsМісяць тому
  • 5:05 Harry: I like Gurlsss Rest of 1D: looks only in *all Directions*

    Snuggle DashSnuggle DashМісяць тому
  • 2:33-2:35 wh- just why did Z&H look at each other and relaughed the whole thing?!

    Snuggle DashSnuggle DashМісяць тому
  • " baby you light up my-" " Na na na na na "

    GABBYGABBYМісяць тому
  • Not me crying when harry kissed Louz hand at 3:52 🥺

    xo xoxo xoМісяць тому
  • Ita the user name for me

    Fransheska Perdomo RFransheska Perdomo RМісяць тому
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    Francisca JuanFrancisca JuanМісяць тому
  • That first one was quality lol

    Adriana ThomasAdriana ThomasМісяць тому
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    Reid SpradlinReid SpradlinМісяць тому
  • i can't, oezhifzhdjsorugç i'm literally laughing and crying and screaming and everything at one time! i love this man so much, but like GeNuINeLy i love Harry more then my sister!! ahaha (not really, but like MAYBE)

    Aseya El hamdaouiAseya El hamdaouiМісяць тому
  • I was not exactly a one direction fan but they are really good but can I ask why nial had crutches in 5:28

    elana benedictelana benedictМісяць тому
    • He had just had knee surgery

      Isabella ChidiakIsabella Chidiak28 днів тому
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    licha danishalicha danishaМісяць тому
  • He’s so cute pls

    Tahel ShenkarTahel ShenkarМісяць тому
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    Akris LinAkris LinМісяць тому
  • My face hurts from laughing and smiling so much

    Emilia ChambersEmilia ChambersМісяць тому
  • He’s so aquarius

    Davi ArielDavi ArielМісяць тому
  • harry is my baby

    Lindsey CortezLindsey CortezМісяць тому
  • Jolly good Jolly good JOLLY GOOD 😂😂🤣

    Shravani 💓Shravani 💓Місяць тому
  • He is the king of awkwardness haha and the most confident about it

    Nahla AmraniNahla AmraniМісяць тому
  • Harry Styles Being an Aquarius for 6 Minutes

    Andrea OngAndrea OngМісяць тому
  • This just goes to show that he is a normally person

    Amelia ReadeAmelia ReadeМісяць тому
  • ♒️

    meg erica licuananmeg erica licuananМісяць тому

    🌈Aloha🍃🌈Aloha🍃Місяць тому
  • I assume Harry is a really serious, funny, and joker guy whose jokes rarely offend anyone, maybe yes but he doesn't mean it. He's a wise guy and a good friend who i'll love to hang out with. I think i can understand Harry because his humor is such like.. so high standard.

    JJP ! !JJP ! !Місяць тому
  • I know for sure if y'all put Harry and i togethor, theirs going to be a ton of akward situations😁😅

    JJP ! !JJP ! !Місяць тому
  • 3:53 😁😂

    JJP ! !JJP ! !Місяць тому
  • "i have a secret" liam: 😐

    mar the dreamermar the dreamerМісяць тому
  • dunkirk cast laughing at potato directioner will always be superior

    backstreet's back all rightbackstreet's back all rightМісяць тому
  • The best part Liam - boys have no secrets in the band. Harry - I have a secret. Liam's face was the best thing here😂😂😂

    Jayesh ChawlaJayesh ChawlaМісяць тому
  • So cute

    Mrs. Norman ReedusMrs. Norman ReedusМісяць тому
  • Liams face when Harry said he had a secret

    Sam SamSam SamМісяць тому
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    Alina MartinAlina MartinМісяць тому
  • Which interview is at 2:35?

    SMGSMGМісяць тому
  • 2:37 Louis and Harry just looked in the camera like they were on the office and idk why im laughing so hard at that

    。- Lauren - 。。- Lauren - 。Місяць тому
  • Imagine harry actually watching this video and end up not being able to sleep for ages 😂😂😂

    Zoya BatoolZoya BatoolМісяць тому
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    Harshita MeenaHarshita MeenaМісяць тому
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    vianey rociovianey rocioМісяць тому
  • What makes this even funnier is that Harry doesn't get a quick que from Ellen, and ad libs beautifully... good job Harry.

    Gael CarltonGael CarltonМісяць тому
  • Harry: baby you light up my world like- Fans: NA NA NA NA Harry: I-

  • Harry trying to have a serious career and there we are, the directioners with users like "POTATO DIRECTIONER". Love it, he had to hold the laugh

    abril seelingabril seelingМісяць тому
  • I literally am Harry Styles in my life lmao. But like as he shouldddd

    An Tran Ngoc DuyAn Tran Ngoc DuyМісяць тому
  • all-day high

    eBay SellereBay SellerМісяць тому
  • yeh, yeh🙄, YEH🤬

    Ashley WeaverAshley WeaverМісяць тому
  • Lo amooo

    Its MeIts MeМісяць тому
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    Parker EssentialParker EssentialМісяць тому
  • I love him.

    Art by Munazza KaziArt by Munazza KaziМісяць тому
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    Instagram InstagramInstagram InstagramМісяць тому
  • Harry styles : baby you light up my- Other members: nanannananana Harry styles: 👁👄👁 oh I fked up

    Sujen GurungSujen GurungМісяць тому
  • Six minutes gay !

    alysha ajaneyalysha ajaneyМісяць тому
  • Harry: I’ve never dated a girl that’s spat Niall: 👁👄👁

    IshitaIshitaМісяць тому
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    Azar AzarAzar AzarМісяць тому
  • Watermelon Sugar (Andre Longo Remix) Lyrics Video ukmate.info/clip/1oaXnpTXiJSph44/v-deo.html Curta esse remix que fiz.

    Andre LongoAndre LongoМісяць тому