The Knockout (Official FaZe Clan Documentary PT.2)

16 чер 2021
2 448 946 Переглядів

Watch as FaZe Clan takes over Miami and cheers on @FaZe Jarvis as he puts on a show facing his opponent, Michael Le.

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  • FaZe up

    capten nalicapten nali10 годин тому
  • Is this where the scammers hang out just asking - you guys should move into the 'someone hacked you amazon' account market. At least you would be more convincing than the clowns that do that.

    iPad App playiPad App play12 годин тому
  • Rug: i think its gonna be a 2nd round knockout He nailed it

    Nol KadriuNol Kadriu18 годин тому
  • 17:43

    NeecLasNeecLas22 години тому
  • He used aim bot again he is getting ban 😂😂 jkjk love u jarvis

    AMF EsportsAMF EsportsДень тому
  • I thought you guys kicked jarvis and kay why you showing us jarvis and kay in the footage

    Charlie LevensCharlie LevensДень тому
    • This was before it happened

      MxlodySZNMxlodySZN7 годин тому
  • nononononnonononoononnoonnonononononononon

    Maria MoraMaria MoraДень тому
  • Save the fckn kids scam clan. Trash shady organization seriously. Always caught up in some BS

    Charlie AliCharlie AliДень тому
  • can i join faze clan

    Toad ComradesToad Comrades2 дні тому
  • Kick all those scammers out of faze clan.we need the Old faze clan back..

    XOLO_XOLO_2 дні тому
  • the save the kids scam i think was made by kay teeqo is safe he spent 40000 of his own money on tokens but didnt even sell any faze clan had nothing to do with it i dont wanna say more

    wilber perazawilber peraza2 дні тому
  • Bunch of scammers

    Anh-Tuan DoAnh-Tuan Do2 дні тому
  • Hi I’m curry can u make a FORT NIGHT video on the ferrrrarriss in fortnight and zonewars fortnite s my favourite game and can u say hi for me cause my family likes ur videos to do it for dom toretto bye

    Jason DeBattistaJason DeBattista3 дні тому
  • turn on aimbot

    RossMurrayFamRossMurrayFam3 дні тому
  • Get faze bronny on a vid

    Tr33fishgam3sTr33fishgam3s3 дні тому
  • Faze clan members i want to join faze clan if you see this pls reply

    John daveson MostolesJohn daveson Mostoles3 дні тому
  • I mean it’s true what Jarvis said . . . I DONT MISS A SHOT BRO

    Adrian SamsAdrian Sams4 дні тому
  • Day one of asking faze to sign raidaway

    SquishSquish4 дні тому
  • My friend is Justin and he wants to tryout for FaZe

    The LlamasThe Llamas4 дні тому
  • Upload pls

    Daisy LowesDaisy Lowes4 дні тому
  • You played fortnite now doing boxing still have that aim bot of fortnite in him of the aim

    Luke VLuke V4 дні тому
  • can i join faze pls

    jesus balandranjesus balandran4 дні тому
    • 💀

      BlossxmBoyBlossxmBoy3 дні тому
  • Faze clan is dead

    artas Packeviciusartas Packevicius5 днів тому
  • Why is teeqo leaving 😞

    Oscar PedrazaOscar Pedraza5 днів тому
  • Sign bams

    I know Who you areI know Who you are5 днів тому
  • Sign bams

    I know Who you areI know Who you are5 днів тому
  • Sign bams

    I know Who you areI know Who you are5 днів тому
  • Yo they promoted the scam as Faze members, I know your not all guilty, but you gotta address this

    Jhi PoulterJhi Poulter5 днів тому
  • 18:25 that scream tho😂😂

    Yc PlayzYc Playz6 днів тому
  • If you are still following these. You are stupid.

    Cambia AhoraCambia Ahora6 днів тому
    • FaZe had no involvement in the save the kids token 😂 it was Kay as the mastermind and Jarvis, nikan, ricegum, and Sommer ray. FaZe literally kicked Kay and suspensed the other 3. Pleas get your facts straight and look deeper I the situation

      CMD ZumaCMD Zuma6 днів тому
  • faze clan or faze scam

    Jeostar WarriorJeostar Warrior6 днів тому
  • hey i know this is is out of topic but some guy claiming to be Tom fox just commented on my channel. i just need to know if this is real or not

    ImmortalImmortal6 днів тому
  • Bruh seriously because Jarvis nock out Michael le because his contact eyes fell out!

    Juana CardonaJuana Cardona6 днів тому
    • What grammar is this 😂😂

      CMD ZumaCMD Zuma6 днів тому
  • Kay ruined faze clan with SCAM THE KIDS

    Abraham BarusAbraham Barus6 днів тому
  • bro his trainer is so supportive i love him

  • michal lee had no chance

    Matthew MahoneyMatthew Mahoney7 днів тому
  • When I saw FaZe Banks wearing the Houston Astro’s hat I figured out something they had in common. They both know how to cheat

    YumRum28YumRum287 днів тому
  • Who here after the crypto thing happened?

    Kame robloxKame roblox7 днів тому
  • No way swags there let’s go

    Sam StoneburnerSam Stoneburner7 днів тому

    fishy Brotherfishy Brother7 днів тому
  • Jarvis is a f***ing beast

    Super Ultra ClanSuper Ultra Clan7 днів тому
  • Scammers

    Juju jujuriaJuju jujuria8 днів тому
  • This did not go well as he now got banned from faze and Kay also did

    ConnoriscoolConnoriscool8 днів тому
  • Can u guys stop making all these other videos and bring back illcams😡😡😡

    lukaslukas9 днів тому
  • Where faze baby

    Aaron DarringtonAaron Darrington9 днів тому
  • so sick of youtubers boxing how pathetic sport is dying so badly they need tiktokers to keep it alive

    SNNSNN9 днів тому
  • Nice moves jarvis pro

    yousif Hussainyousif Hussain9 днів тому
  • Mom says I’m so proud 2 days later scams his fans

    Faris HamaydehFaris Hamaydeh9 днів тому

    HEXLHEXL9 днів тому
    • mad lol

      duckieduckie9 днів тому
  • Jarvis vs Jake Paul

    Drix OfficialDrix Official10 днів тому
  • Nice work Jarvis :)

    Red lynx gamingRed lynx gaming10 днів тому
  • scammers

    HENTZEHENTZE10 днів тому
  • Why did you kick faze Kay the so messed up

    ENA_ SWEATENA_ SWEAT10 днів тому
    • its not he scammed

      duckieduckie9 днів тому
  • Yo look it’s the group of hackers child scammers and probably racists or rapists

    Yo boi TristanYo boi Tristan10 днів тому
  • Everyone: Wow Jarvis you’re Insane bro Me: Why is there a Syrian flag in the background of the thumbnail ?

    Saree AlsayedSaree Alsayed10 днів тому
  • remember when faze was about gaming? yeah me too

    Ryees3Ryees310 днів тому
  • Faze up

    Toy StoryToy Story10 днів тому
  • Aye yo you guys might wanna recruit FaZe Scam

    TXK_JonahTXK_Jonah10 днів тому
  • 👻👻👻👻👻🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    illestSauzyyillestSauzyy11 днів тому
  • I miss when Faze used to be about trickshotting on feeding and getting clips smh

    MarcelinoMarcelino11 днів тому
  • Jeez yalls channels blow up and then yall just have to f it up again. Congratulations lol 😆😂🤣💀

    Zachary OwensZachary Owens11 днів тому
  • When is the next faze five

    GavinplayzGavinplayz11 днів тому
  • Bugha should join faze

    Jack TaylorJack Taylor12 днів тому
  • F you clan leader

    MoxyZMoxyZ12 днів тому
  • Imagine kicking Kay out it wasn’t his fault

    MoxyZMoxyZ12 днів тому
  • i thought faze was about gaming

    ironsideironside13 днів тому
  • 0:05 if there’s anything we know how to do, it’s scam little kids.

    zB MattzB Matt13 днів тому
  • I was bidding on Michael his eyes contact came out so. That Why you are sore loser

    Matt MattiMatt Matti13 днів тому
  • Faze clan VS loud

    ▪JOTAVÊ▪JOTAVÊ13 днів тому
  • When faze hasnt uploaded in a month lmao. Dude won a single fight and they made a documentary about it lmao wtf

    ryan donnellyryan donnelly14 днів тому

    enderrr 123enderrr 12314 днів тому
    • @enderrr 123 he admitted to doing your probably 10 years old

      CDECDE13 днів тому
    • he lied you idio*

      CDECDE13 днів тому
    • No Frazier got scammed he wasn't scamming

      enderrr 123enderrr 12314 днів тому
    • You endorse scamming?

      KieranKieran14 днів тому
  • Bruvs Come To Germany here the drinking age is 18!!!!!!! xddd

    alex smirnovalex smirnov14 днів тому
    • Everywhere is 18 except America

      ChcgxgChcgxg14 днів тому
  • Who is here just to see the POV comments

    Cris D360Cris D36014 днів тому
  • I want to joing

    FaZe m1kEFaZe m1kE14 днів тому
  • I lost all respect for faze clan like? How you gunna take all the best faze members out

    Gaming with JaxsonGaming with Jaxson14 днів тому
    • There scammer that took their fans money

      CDECDE13 днів тому
  • I'm disappointed in faze. I swear to God if u guys scammed ppl I'll unsubscribe

    Laksh MahajanLaksh Mahajan15 днів тому
    • @CDE bro nth confirmed yet Kay Jarvis teeqo and nikan may have been involved and it's people

      Laksh MahajanLaksh Mahajan13 днів тому
  • When Kay said f ing kill him I was diying

    Blitz robloxBlitz roblox15 днів тому
  • Clan war?

    SoaRSoaR15 днів тому
  • Yes sir

    Toxic ツToxic ツ15 днів тому
  • yo FaZe Clan l saw blink vii has FaZe logo in his youtube channel art and he's part of FaZe Clan too yes or not

    Fat KingnightFat Kingnight15 днів тому
  • Kay and Jarvis’s mom is disappointed in them now for sure.

    Heavy Metal Kitten #HTD4LIFEHeavy Metal Kitten #HTD4LIFE15 днів тому
  • FaZe Scam, no one likes you.

    7even5 GTI7even5 GTI15 днів тому
    • @CDE the co owner once scammed, what does that say?

      7even5 GTI7even5 GTI13 днів тому
  • FaZe will be now awful the only good member now is rug

    Txny.bTxny.b15 днів тому
    • And jev

      Food DipFood Dip15 днів тому
  • 17:00 lol

    Keith GamingKeith Gaming15 днів тому
  • dud you kicked and suspented the best faze clan members

    rronplayzgamesrronplayzgames15 днів тому
  • rip faze clan they kicked best creator rip rip this clan fuc* this clan

  • Lat kay back

    Zamil DerarZamil Derar15 днів тому
    • Why

      CDECDE13 днів тому
  • SCAM.

    DanDan16 днів тому
  • Hannah:have u seen his muscles 🤣lmao

    Savage KidSavage Kid16 днів тому
  • from making our childhoods amazing to becoming money hungry crypto scammers is a timeline i wish never came true

    1kitaro1kitaro16 днів тому
  • Please bring Faze Clan in GTA 5 guys !

    Rithik RoopeshRithik Roopesh16 днів тому
  • Faze Jarvis vs Jake Paul 🙂😉

    iWhite CloudsiWhite Clouds16 днів тому
  • The scamming Doesn’t STOP

    FishybloxFishyblox17 днів тому
  • You are garbage for that crypto scam

    Dmon !Dmon !17 днів тому
    • @CDE they were the scammers... not GOT scammed...

      Dmon !Dmon !13 днів тому
  • Jarvis: i dont miss a shot Epic Games: i don’t miss a ban

    ZinxZinx17 днів тому
    • Jarvis: i don’t miss a shot Epic games: i don’t miss a ban Jarvis: i support save the kids token Faze clan: ……… bye

      RISKrobertRISKrobert16 днів тому

    Player OnePlayer One17 днів тому
  • so like wtf is Faze clan? im gonna have to google cause i go on their youtube and i don't see barley anything related to video games ...i

    VV17 днів тому
  • Bring faze kay two and jarvis back

    Carlos SotoCarlos Soto17 днів тому
  • Ayyyy what up scam clan?? 🤣👏

    Charlie AliCharlie Ali17 днів тому
    • You are really stupid a little kid that doesn't know what he is talking about

      CDECDE13 днів тому
    • The faze clan didn't scam 4 of the members were the ones that got scammed they kicked the Poeple that did you dumb*

      CDECDE13 днів тому
  • Lame as shit lying to young kids

    RomeandJamesRomeandJames17 днів тому
    • The faze clan didn't scam 4 of the members were the ones that got scammed they kicked the Poeple that did you dumb*

      CDECDE13 днів тому