The Pretty Reckless - And So It Went (Official Music Video)

4 лют 2021
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The Pretty Reckless - AND SO IT WENT (feat. Tom Morello)
From the new 'Death By Rock And Roll' | Available Now:
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And so it went
The children lost their minds
Begging for forgiveness
was such a waste of time
And the bullets start to fly
And the bough’s about to break
When you hear them cry
It’s too much for me to take
The world does not belong to you
You are not the king, I am not the fool
They said the world does not belong to you
It don’t belong to you
It belongs to me
And so it went
The children lost their minds
Crawling over bodies of
those who gave their lives
And the fits begin to throw
And the re starts to blaze
Don’t you think they know
They’re the fucking human race
The world does not belong to you
You are not the king, I am not the fool
They said the world does not belong to you
It don’t belong to you
It belongs to
Everyone is crying out, I can hear them scream
With all these eyes upon us but no one seems to see
That you and me are just the same as god meant it to be
But you’re much too close to me
You’re much too close to me
And so it went
The children lost their minds
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
And the wind begins to howl
And the wolf is at your door
You have so much of everything
But still you wanted more
They said the world does not belong to you
You are not the king, I am not the fool
They said the world does not belong to you
It don’t belong to you
It belongs to me
#ThePrettyReckless #ANDSOITWENT #DeathByRockAndRoll

Music video by The Pretty Reckless performing And So It Went. © 2021 Goin' Down, Inc., Under exclusive license to Fearless Records. Distributed by Concord.

  • her voice is unreal omg

    julieta karpovskyjulieta karpovskyХвилина тому
  • That guitar solo, oh my..... So great!

    Anatoliy KolganovAnatoliy Kolganov12 годин тому
  • Yeah my emo ass still alive

    Marcy AMMarcy AM15 годин тому

    Robert SapolskyRobert Sapolsky19 годин тому
  • Hard to believe this is what happened to cindy lou's actor

    hawklebirdhawklebird20 годин тому
  • Who else came here from MKG’s cover on Champagne supernova the went to the Original song and then saw pretty reckless cover on the song then went to her page because they wanted to know if her voice was actually like that and now you here, no just me. Okay🥲

    Damian EstradaDamian Estrada23 години тому
    • Fucking christ, punctuation

      jbfarleyjbfarley13 годин тому
  • in love

    AbrilAbrilДень тому
  • I love her voice so much

    PettysirenPettysirenДень тому
  • Mantapppp

    PettysirenPettysirenДень тому
  • 3:24 Pokémon fans right now with diamond and pearl remakes

    AutoFair Ford of HaverhillAutoFair Ford of HaverhillДень тому
  • Maravilhosa ❤️

    Joe PassareloJoe PassareloДень тому
  • 🔮😠 From 50 million viewers 🔮😠 She got away from what made Her 🔮☹

    April youngApril youngДень тому
  • The Umbrella Academy vibes

    китти прайдкитти прайдДень тому
  • Elimination chamber 2021 original theme

    Luis David ROSARIOLuis David ROSARIOДень тому
  • I caught this band opening for halestorm. I became a fan . She is brings a bit of lita ford , Joan Jett and kiss with her performance. Yea she is hot, but she can wail . This album is way better than the last one.

    James NunezJames NunezДень тому
  • they just keep getting better and better i love them so much😭🤍

    Jana PuzovicJana PuzovicДень тому
  • This chic is badass🔥

    Joe WinfreeJoe WinfreeДень тому
  • my first visit into the pretty reckless. not bad. feels like what the runaways would have become. props!

    Chad DelongChad DelongДень тому
  • this pretty much sums up the future for our generation right now.

    Hellgurl xHellgurl xДень тому
  • in love with Taylor 👫🏻

  • when they all started singing !

    Krissy MarieKrissy MarieДень тому
  • Love this song. You could imagine a band like slipknot doing this song aswell make it heavier.

    Samuel GreenSamuel Green2 дні тому
  • ...anytime I feel like punching a mountain into next year!

    Alexandria BrangwinAlexandria Brangwin2 дні тому
  • Es ist nicht schlecht, aber es erinnert doch schon sehr an In this moment!

    Matthi kaMatthi ka2 дні тому
  • She looks like young Debbie Harry, beautiful

    O MMMO MMM2 дні тому
  • 1:08 when she's hitting the beat with her cane, fucking rad

    Rich WatsonRich Watson2 дні тому
  • Ля, как ей идёт костюм

    Антихрист 666Антихрист 6662 дні тому
  • I kinda remember her acting career (sort of), but she is where she should be now. It's easy to tell she's paid her dues. All the boxes are checked..... great song, great production, great video, and wow... she can really really sing. Visually, you can see the influences... Madonna (some of the voguing poses, leather outfits, etc... is reminiscent of 90's videos like Vogue and Human Nature), Garbage and Shirley Manson, early Courtney Love, etc... and it all works for her. I've seen a couple of unplugged videos of her just singing with piano... really good stuff! I used to be a fan of pop music, but nowadays, the writing is so mindlessly crappy with repetitive hooks and mind-numbing computer sequencing. I was fearful that rock was going that direction, but with artists like Taylor, I have hope.

    Ian DavisIan Davis2 дні тому
  • Смерть попсе!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Том loveТом love2 дні тому
  • 😍🤘💯😍🤘💯

    Derrick WardDerrick Ward2 дні тому
  • This is weak

    Kuma in KanaKuma in Kana2 дні тому
  • Taylor doing a song with appocalptica hell ya if spelled wrong I'm sorry to them and the pretty reckless

    Neil BordenNeil Borden3 дні тому
  • She’s trying to be Maria Brink. Even sounds like Maria

    Dave RogersDave Rogers3 дні тому
    • She sounds nothing like Maria sorry plus The Pretty Reckless is way more successful than In This Moment

      Lado BLado B2 дні тому
  • Great song but that riff sounds very close to Three Jacks by The Bad Lizard Club back in 97.

    Phillip JacksonPhillip Jackson3 дні тому
  • Inmmm fffknnnn innn luvvv withh uuuu

    AGothgirl 111AGothgirl 1113 дні тому
  • Axl.rose😇

    David BullDavid Bull3 дні тому
  • Keeping rock alive, love it

    HailHail 67HailHail 673 дні тому

    Emily HenríquezEmily Henríquez3 дні тому
  • She gives off David Bowie doing Pink Floyd's The Wall vibes in that suit with that hairstyle.

    Blank AdamsBlank Adams3 дні тому
  • i can’t wait to see them in the rock and roll hall of fame in a couple years

    Joanna KramerJoanna Kramer3 дні тому
  • Not to disrespect your guises love of rock ‘n’ roll but who else is here because they just found out that this is Jenny Humphrey🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

    Ramon'e RobinsonRamon'e Robinson3 дні тому
  • WWE cool song

    ROSE xROSE x3 дні тому
  • Nice song, beautiful performance! Hello from Russia with love! )

    Александр СтепановАлександр Степанов3 дні тому
  • OH MY LORD ! Why she is so badass?😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    The BlackAngelThe BlackAngel3 дні тому
  • Best Rock Album off 2021!

    Firmino CantarrilhaFirmino Cantarrilha3 дні тому
  • Shit

    Jessie CrashJessie Crash3 дні тому
  • I think i just fall in love w her

    britney coronabritney corona3 дні тому
  • This song is good but holy fuck stop it with the children choir thing. CRINGE

    cave diggercave digger4 дні тому
  • I get a little In this Moment Vibes frohm video look and outfits. But like its the soft version of Maria Brink. But not worse or better just alternativ version or something :D

    kingfarmer1989kingfarmer19894 дні тому
    • Def better, Taylor can sing

      Real CrunchyReal Crunchy4 дні тому
  • TOM MORELLO 🔥🎸🔥🔥

    Lawrence HunterLawrence Hunter4 дні тому
  • Hebrews 8:1. Minister unto the lost. We need you.

    Dena MitchellDena Mitchell4 дні тому
    • Eh ?

      Real CrunchyReal Crunchy4 дні тому
    • Idiot

      jbfarleyjbfarley4 дні тому
  • Hebrews 7:12-28. Preach on as Jesus changed the priest hoods into hoodies and heathens.

    Dena MitchellDena Mitchell4 дні тому
    • @jbfarley if that was the truth, this world would be a much better place to reside upon. Direct reflection of the lack to appreciate doesn't make me that spirit. However there are days when I wish it could be the case. Sending you prayers to appreciate your sanity.

      Dena MitchellDena Mitchell3 дні тому
    • @Real Crunchy ask Jesus for the spirit of understanding then. Just because you are Christian doesn't mean you have obtained the Holy Spirit. Seek higher than your own level of understanding.

      Dena MitchellDena Mitchell4 дні тому
    • Im a Christian myself and am confused by your point

      Real CrunchyReal Crunchy4 дні тому
    • Idiot

      jbfarleyjbfarley4 дні тому
  • Diosa

    El Greñas GamingEl Greñas Gaming4 дні тому
  • Great band! Rock will never die...😎

    NNNN4 дні тому
  • I listened to the whole album and I think this one is my favorite then 25 and probably Witches Burn

    Hunter WiseHunter Wise4 дні тому
    • Turning Gold is mine

      Real CrunchyReal Crunchy4 дні тому
    • Yeah! This and Witches Burn are my fav too!

      Naty CairesNaty Caires4 дні тому
  • Me and my dog were cruising and this song came on and some others (warriors of the world, god was never on your side, supernaut) just to mention a few, and he sat on the seat like he was jammin too like “thish song shlaps” he is my son from another mother.

    Knato CommanderKnato Commander4 дні тому
  • I don't know why but she remind me of Maria Brink from In This Moment in this music video.

    NorstromNorstrom4 дні тому
    • Not sure how people are seeing that

      Real CrunchyReal Crunchy4 дні тому
  • Badass Tom Morello solo. He is Legend!

    KrabatqKrabatq4 дні тому
  • Elimination Chamber

    MrComicOwlMrComicOwl5 днів тому
  • Pig masks come on! Why do people like pig masks so much?

    TexRate SlayerTexRate Slayer5 днів тому
    • The wolf is chasing the pigs, common metphor

      Real CrunchyReal Crunchy4 дні тому
  • clipe maravilhoso do kct, Taylor ta botando p fude, Love u BABE

    Nayara FioriNayara Fiori5 днів тому
    • Essa banda vai dar o que falar

      paraíso perdidoparaíso perdido4 дні тому
  • Очень нравится сама съемка клипа и образы Тейлор ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Miss FoxMiss Fox5 днів тому
  • Волшебный голос

    Miss FoxMiss Fox5 днів тому
  • When I saw "SOUL POWER" OMG

    Lady260191Lady2601915 днів тому
  • The queen is back...!

    Marco LavMarco Lav5 днів тому
  • Is this just real Giorno? She even looks like him in this pink suit, and the song lyrics match?

    EmiiEmii5 днів тому
  • АннаАнна5 днів тому
  • Can't wait to hear this song live. Wish Pretty Reckless would come to India

    Rohan GuptaRohan Gupta5 днів тому
  • Mayor of Whoville says she still hasn't grown in her nose yet

    Trent DeVlaminckTrent DeVlaminck5 днів тому
  • Elimination Chamber 🔥

    Siddesh HingneSiddesh Hingne5 днів тому
  • Taylor Momsen, ESPECIALLY in this music vid, gives me mega gay panic

    Kelsey.Shutup _Kelsey.Shutup _5 днів тому
  • that SOUL POWER though! yeeeeaaah!!!

    Marc RosalesMarc Rosales5 днів тому
  • All I can say is Yes, Please!!!

    SwagWan HyungSwagWan Hyung5 днів тому
  • Elimination Chamber 2021 brought me here and I fucking love that it did because I’m digging this band 😂

    MegaChorro123MegaChorro1235 днів тому
  • I loved this song. It represent the voice of the children that are being persecuted in this new world. Where abortion is taken like is a good thing, but criminal lives are so much more valued. So take the lyrics of the song to heart. That’s what rock n roll about! Tell the truth to society and make them wake up to their mistakes before is too late! Rock On 🤘 and Rock Hard! 🦇

    Eloy GonzalezEloy Gonzalez6 днів тому
    • Facts

      Real CrunchyReal Crunchy4 дні тому
    • Amen!

      Willie BoydWillie Boyd5 днів тому
    • what

      MerveMerve5 днів тому
  • Rufus Humphrey would be really proud!

    István RauschIstván Rausch6 днів тому
  • \m/_ _\m/ Bloody WOW!!!

    Shawn EatonShawn Eaton6 днів тому
  • Can’t believe every time I see her that she was little Cindy Lou-who lol

    Tiffany STiffany S6 днів тому
    • No way ! I love both ❤

      Mark E DyhrkoppMark E Dyhrkopp5 днів тому
    • I never knew that 😱

      Chris BrownChris Brown6 днів тому
  • Wow Morello is a league of his own

    Derek Avery-PatzDerek Avery-Patz6 днів тому
  • Who's here after watching the elimination chamber wwe

    Sohaib 'Sohaib '6 днів тому
  • elimination chamber brought me here!

  • well helloooooo Cindy lou.. 😍

    mr rebelmr rebel6 днів тому
  • who is here after the Elimination Chamber 2021?

    Chris KetchemChris Ketchem6 днів тому
  • actual chills! saw the bts for this vid! love this song!

    CrAZychickeCrAZychicke6 днів тому
  • Редкостная херня, Фигвам

    Клэр ПКлэр П6 днів тому
  • ohhh my god, literal queen shit

    tiyana knitteltiyana knittel6 днів тому
  • 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤☠️

    GARY CollingwoodGARY Collingwood6 днів тому
  • Didn't Tom Morello from Rage Against The Machine took part in this song?

    Benjamin 379Benjamin 3797 днів тому
    • Yes. You see his “Soul Power” guitar from playing in Audioslave

      Lawrence HunterLawrence Hunter4 дні тому
  • Well well well look who’s back! Nice! 🤘

    Fresh Moist FrogFresh Moist Frog7 днів тому
  • Elimination Chamber 2021

    Andres CaizaAndres Caiza7 днів тому
  • Perfect for Elimination Chamber 2021!

    Vladimir LukyanchukVladimir Lukyanchuk7 днів тому
  • Awesome Song added to my favourites instantly ❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Anurag KatariaAnurag Kataria7 днів тому
  • Cool.

    GRUNGERGRUNGER7 днів тому
  • Elimination chamber 2021

    Twiztid 133Twiztid 1337 днів тому
  • How many came here from elimanation chamber 2021?

    ALIALI7 днів тому
  • Suit is very bowie esque i love it

    Kevin CooperKevin Cooper7 днів тому
  • I've Got Cindy Lu! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I,,,I °(*O*)° I,,,I!!!!!!!!

    Ephemeral EiswerEphemeral Eiswer7 днів тому
  • Great song, terrible video.

    JRyan2KJRyan2K7 днів тому
  • WWE Brought me here! 😅🔥🔥🔥

    Warren LondonWarren London7 днів тому
  • It's been a hot minute since a rock song gave me chills. My heart aches to have live music back, so I can see this played live.

    Benjamin CollegeBenjamin College8 днів тому