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매 앨범 깊어진 음악적 역량과 거침없는 음악적 도전으로 국내외 K-POP 팬들을 완벽하게 사로잡아온 뉴이스트가 지난 2014년 발매한 첫 번째 정규 앨범 [Re:BIRTH] 이후 약 7년 만에 선보이는 두 번째 정규 앨범 [Romanticize]는 특별한 것 없이 반복되는 평범한 일상에서 벗어나 잊혀지지 않을 낭만의 순간으로 리스너들을 초대한다.
타이틀곡 ‘INSIDE OUT’은 이별을 앞두고 아무렇지 않은 척 현실을 받아들여 보려고 하지만 상대와 함께 하고 싶어하는 본심을 인정하고 자신을 기다리고 있을 상대에게 달려가는 화자의 모습을 그려낸 Chill House 장르의 곡으로, 복합적인 감정의 이동이 섬세하게 그려진 가사가 특징인 이 곡에 세심하게 감성을 전하는 뉴이스트 다섯 명의 보컬과 미니멀한 트랙이 어우러지며 내러티브가 강조된 가사에 한층 더 몰입감을 높인다.
Returning seven years after their first studio album [Re:BIRTH] released in 2014, NU’EST continues their musical journey marked by increasingly deeper musical prowess and relentless change and reinvention with their second album [Romanticize], an invitation to all listeners to leave the quotidien behind and enter a world of unforgettable romantic moments.
The title track “INSIDE OUT” is a Chill House song about facing the end of a relationship and trying to come to grips with reality, but ultimately giving into honest feelings and returning to love that’s waiting. The emotive vocals of the five members of NU’EST combined with a minimal track draw the listener even deeper into the narrative of the lyrics that draw an intricate map of changing emotions.












NU’EST The 2nd Album ‘Romanticize’
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  • - JR : 뭘 좋아할지 몰라서 다 준비해 봤어요 - 아론 : 우리 러브들 그리고 모든 분들 너무 감사드립니다! 예쁘게 봐주세요! - 백호: 보러 와주셔서 고마워요! 재미있게 즐겨주세요 - 민현 : 봐주셔서 감사합니다❤ - 렌 : 오래 기다리게 해서 미안했어요! 그만큼 우리 행복한 시간 많이 만들어요♡ 러브들

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    • Thank you so much...NU'EST♥️

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    • Nice

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    • i love y'all!!😭💕

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    • I love you guys

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    • Fighting!!

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  • Almost there loves

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  • Action ya logró los 30M , ahora vamos por inside out 11M falta (+120k)

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  • 10.880....

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  • Don’t give up loves. Keep watching

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  • This song stuck in my head. I also really like that spinning camera. It's just so cool and they also looks so hot.

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  • Sunrise listening to this masterpiece is best. You're always the best of my life!!!!

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  • Road to 11M

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  • Minhyun un lovesick dediği yerlerden edit yapılsa woah

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  • Hiç artmıyo gibi duruyor :'

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  • I was watching the Produce 101 S2 and I was in tears hearing their stories, a hardship after they debuted and they felt they're still in despair. I'm so happy Bighit is now a major shareholder of Pledis, now they have the resources to produce an album and debut again. Fighting!

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  • Streaming yok bisa Sampe 15jt

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  • 10.873.....

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  • Dios! Cómo pueden ser tan hermosos?

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  • No puedo dejar de escuchar esta canción Es tan fantástica 🥺🥺❤️

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  • Kim "Handsome" Jonghyun

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  • amo voces

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  • Gần 10 năm bên NU'EST rồi.

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  • they just got me in every angle, the visuals are gold omy! im stanning their talent!!

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  • 😍😍😍😍😍

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  • Addictive.

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  • We can do this loves! 🥰

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  • I cannot help listening to her. It's my addiction!!!!!!!

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  • 10.863.....

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  • Minhyun adam gerçek mi

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    • Bence değil

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  • 1086

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  • Arte de canción!!^^

  • Good morning!!! New season of Love Story coming soon :D I wish there are subtitles tho .. :D

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  • Ren

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  • No sé ustedes love pero yo seguiré apoyando esta obra de arte, es demasiado buena esta canción para quedar en el anonimato

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  • 0:34

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  • Fur pool table worst idea xd

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  • Love continue to support this mv.NU'EST gave the best of them. This album it's really masterpiece!!!

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  • asiri iyisiniz

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    • Pp in gibi

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  • Lovee

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  • What's going on? Why are we not making progress? I just ask you to continue r3pr0duci3nd0. NU'EST deserves much more than 10M!!!!!! Go 11M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 😍😍

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  • Looks like UKmate deleting views?

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    • @Lina Alin yes unfortunately it seems like that...

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    • @North shshsh I guess they just delete million views from this mv alone 😒😒

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    • @Lina Alin Figured. Since even other mvs that i saw with 20m view has around 120k like but this one has 280k :d

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    • Yup, since day 1.

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  • Ey ey ey ey 10 Mn yapıştı üstümüze aw

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  • En action falta poco para 30 M , literal menos de 5K , vamos por los 30 M y acá por los 11M , love hasta el final

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    • Fighting!!!!

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  • (+148k)

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  • 10.850.....

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  • 이제 활동 끝이야?? ㅠㅠ

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  • I want this to be 11M so badly!

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  • Al principio me dio susto la decepción, pero la canción esta muy buena, ya no puedo dejar de escucharla. Este mensaje va para las personas que quieren escuchar la canción pero no se atreven ;D

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  • I'm is MOARMY, but I'm casual listener too.... omg, this so cool T~T Hwaiting LOVE!!! But yeah, are they have similliar theory like BST bye BTS? It will be Hybe Universe Theory if what I think is right. 💜

    Corry ManurungCorry Manurung21 годину тому
    • Nuest had a Queen's Knight MV storyline that lasted from Overcome, Love Paint, Where You At, Deja Vu, Help Me and Bet Bet. They were knights searching for their queen, get split up along the way, and then finally reunite. I think for the last 3 cb since Bet Bet is the start to finish of a relationship. Love Me = start of a relationship where everything is bright. I'm in Trouble = middle of relationship where it is growing and becoming deeper. Inside Out = letting go of the relationship.

      Amber CAmber C11 годин тому
  • I fell in love with the color pink because of this mv

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  • Minhyun

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  • Everything feels so warm, smooth, and lovely. Super easy listening and definitely getting saved to my daily playlist 👍

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  • Don't wanna be free ahhh

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  • Why does he look like Cha eun woo 00:05

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    • Yes many people said that. Anyway, his name is Minhyun

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  • I’m new here 😭 sorry just crawled out from the rock I’ve been living under. This is beautiful!

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    • Welcome. If you liked this song, you may like these other Nu'est songs: Look, RLTL, Deja Vu, Bet Bet, Love Me, and I'm in Trouble

      Amber CAmber C11 годин тому
    • Welcome LOVE :) There are loads of great B-sides in their latest album namely Romanticize, including solo songs self-produced by each members 🌟 So don't miss to discover the new sound from them like - Don't wanna go, Dress, Black etc.

      Shaomai maiShaomai mai17 годин тому
  • hi, i'm new love 🥰🙏

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    • Welcome to LOΛE. Feel free to ask any questions or for recommendations. I suggest watching some of their Love Story eps on Nu'est channel and Nu'est Road if you haven't yet.

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    • Welcome to LOVE 😊

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  • *Pasó más de una semana y seguimos en 10M, que raro 😑*

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  • Baekho

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  • Me encanto un grupo nuevo a quien stanear esto es Arte merece mas apoyo PD: vine tambien porque vi un k-drama de uno de ellos y me dio curiosidad

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    • @Estefani Galarreta graciaaaas

      Esthefany TordoyaEsthefany Tordoya13 годин тому
    • @Esthefany Tordoya lo puedes encontrar en viki como "sigue adelante"

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    • Que kdrama? :o

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  • GO GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!! 11M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I love you guys

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  • Maravilhosos!!!

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  • Here after Love story teaser, hoping we get to 15M by the time the first episode airs! Fighting LOVES!!

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  • I'm an Army and i will support all Hybe artist 😍😍😍

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    • Awww

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  • Carat here to support our Senior brother's and Love's, fighting

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    • Thank you for the support

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    • Thank you carat !!!!

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  • The best group

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  • نيويست صاروا بائعي المليونيه في جاون ♡♡♡♡

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  • Dance ok, music so so, the words lack deepness and variety. I love OT7 BTS, i am army to the bone. I have high esteem for P D Nim. But i worry for him, Hybe's and the expensive building, about having too many groups to promote at the same time at Hybe's. These new groups deserve their chance but there is something lacking : they don't triger emotions/feelings in me. Sadly many fans of BTS are turning to other k-pop groups outside Hybe. With their military services coming, i, as so many others, we will have to heartbrokenly let go of our BTS. And after, who knows ? ... Sooner or later they will want to settle down, get married and have children, and they so fully deserve that. Perhaps they will want to go on with solo careers. Perhaps they will want to keep going on as BTS. But during their military services people not being fed BTS, will most probably at some point turn to other groups. Groups from Hybe's or not. I wish the "formula" used with BTS would be applied to all groups to make us found of them. I need to be touched and/or fascinated. I dislike songs and music that sounds like quickly put together for a commercial shoot ! I wish BTS would be eternally in our lives. But they deserve to move on and have private life if that's what they want ! I as so many others will miss them so much ! They marked history ! Someday they will be "has been" for new generations. But they are already and will be in history books ! So happy for them and all fans ! The museum should be promoted by all or many groups together as one big family. And why not with Bang Shihyuk ! ? 😊

    Anna-Maria FaschingAnna-Maria FaschingДень тому
    • @Duenna Salvaloza Thank you for being nice towards NU'EST. Still....u will not be able to feel how we feel!!! I will just do what I can do for NU'EST!!!!

      Forever with NU'ESTForever with NU'ESTГодину тому
    • @Forever with NU'EST i really think they won't, but showing them that we feel triggered feeds their ego. We don't wan't to stoop down to that level. Let's fight for NUEST with class. One way of showing it is too let this MV generate views that it deserves.

      Duenna SalvalozaDuenna Salvaloza3 години тому
    • @Duenna Salvaloza Do you think they care?!!!! They will not stop making nonsense comments!!! We are kind but they are rude and mean!!! Have to be here for NU' no choice!!!!!!.....and will fight against these irritants when necessary!!!

      Forever with NU'ESTForever with NU'EST5 годин тому
    • Hi L.O.V.E.s, let us all be kind and not be rude to those who didn't see what we saw and experienced with NUEST. Let's all educate them so they can appreciate the group that we stan. Thank you!!

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    • Moça (o)?

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  • GO 11M !!!

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  • Cada mñn escuchando este arte , para comenzar bien el día

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    • Asi es

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  • (+154k)

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  • This song is great!!!!!! 11M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • An ARMY here supporting NU'EST ❤ Can somebody tell me who is the one with the reddish/purple hair? His deep voice can make you fall in love ❤

    Lil meow meow stole the jams and banana milkLil meow meow stole the jams and banana milkДень тому
    • @caratchocoloveflavor I love his transition at 1:33 from singing about the sentiment of being sad and lost to a sudden deep sound saying "Wait. What is this feeling?" It's cool. 💙

      Shaomai maiShaomai mai6 годин тому
    • JR ..handsome >_

      caratchocoloveflavorcaratchocoloveflavor7 годин тому
    • Welcome and thank you ARMY! If you're interested to explore more about JR, feel free to check out few recommendations below where his voice shines 🎵 💛 - BET BET - LOVE ME - BASS - Love Paint - Drive, ONE KIS2 (other than rap, JR also sing in these songs too :) Don't miss his sentimental deep vocal !)

      Shaomai maiShaomai mai17 годин тому
    • Thank you army! The purple-haired one is JR, the leader of the group. Real name Kim Jonghyun

      Alice HwangAlice HwangДень тому
    • @Lan Nguyen Thank you! ❤❤❤

      Lil meow meow stole the jams and banana milkLil meow meow stole the jams and banana milkДень тому
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    • Yine uğra

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  • 11M LET'S GO LOVE!!

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  • nuest!!!

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  • I'm never really disappointed. Always making masterpieces. Thank you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Two weeks have passed since its premiere and we still haven't passed those 11M yet!! Come on LOVE!!!! Have you already given up? Go on and don't stop until you get 30M!!!! This is art and you have to know how to appreciate it

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  • ___LES'T GO 11M___ Love fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 10.843......

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  • Nunca me cansaré de esta música, TE MA ZO!

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  • Good Morning/ Buenos Dias/ Merhaba

    NU'EST is BACK **NANA**NU'EST is BACK **NANA**День тому
    • Good Morning

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  • 10 M !

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  • 10,842,532

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  • Nu'est is so fuckin good that I started to wonder where all of these haters exist from? Probably from another planet, I am sure it is not Earth.

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  • Every morning !! Wake up and start listening

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  • I guess not stanning nu'est is my sin!

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    • @Amber C thank you! I realised now that nu'est fandom is so kind

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    • @K-LAND welcome to the fandom. Fandom name is LOΛE (LOVE). If you want to learn more about Nu'est, I suggest watching a guide. For more recent videos I suggest Nu'est Road and their Weekly Idol/Idol Room appearances. I also recommend the following title track songs, Face, Hello, Good Bye Bye, Overcome, Love Paint, Where You At, and Help Me. For Bsides you can find Storybook, Fine Girl, LIE, Segno, Polaris and Bass MV or performances on YT. Vlive channel and Reddit pages have a lot of English subbed content. Feel free to ask more questions.

      Amber CAmber C10 годин тому
    • @Amber C yeah i will listen them too, actually i'm a new L.O.A

      K-LANDK-LAND10 годин тому
    • Welcome. If you liked this song, you may like these other Nu'est songs: Look, RLTL, Deja Vu, Bet Bet, Love Me, and I'm in Trouble

      Amber CAmber C11 годин тому
  • Keep str34ming their songs

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  • I never miss listening to this bop since the release. And more than 10 times a day too.

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  • Ya quiero comeback de NU'EST XD

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  • 민현 아주 멋있어요 😍

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  • I find myself everyday listening to this song is so catchy. Good luck to nu’est in the future:)

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  • Jr

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  • 아론이 보고 싶어요 🥺

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