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Migos - "Straightenin" Lyrics:

(DJ Durel, Ay Castro go crazy)
Yeah (Soo), we gone (huh)
Stop, we good (stop)
Chill, we on (chill)
Scale (huh), let’s go (let’s go)
Domingo (huh), let’s go (migo)
Take (huh), let’s go (huh)
Set, let’s roll


Straightenin’ (woo)
Yeah (straight)
Straightenin’ (soo)
Yeah (straight)
Don’t nothing get straightenin’ but straightenin’ (hey)
Don’t nothing get straightenin’ but straightenin’ (soo)
Don’t nothing get straightenin’ but straightenin’ (straight)
You don’t get shit straight if you don’t straightenin’ it (sah)


In this game, sit back be patient (gang)
Niggas act like the game went vacant (huh?)
Niggas act like something been taken (took what?)
Ain’t nothing but a little bit of straightenin’ (I’m tellin ya)
Been kicking shit popping out daily (go)
On an island, it’s a movie I’m making (that’s facts)
I’m counting dineros with Robert De NiroHe telling ‘em that Cho amazing (ay)
Put that shit on (shit on) , Niggas get shit on (shit on)
I bought two whips, and I put my bitch on (skrt)
She put this wrist on (wrist)
She factory set it with Richard Mille prongs (ice)
Turn a pandemic into a bandemic
You know that’s the shit that we on (yessir)
Them niggas gon pull up and act like this shit is together
We don’t fuck with you homes (fuck em)
Uh uh, I don’t do the fake kicking (no)
There go a rocket, is Take in it? (soo)
It’s a problem with ‘phew then we straightenin’ in (straight)
Swap out the cat put a demon in it (skrt)
Upgrade the bando put fiends in it (woo)
I got some shooters you ain’t seen with me (graaa)
We’ll run that shit back I just seen Tenet (woah)
We’re going to get straightenin’


Straightenin’ (woo)
Yeah (straight)
Straightenin’ (soo)
Yeah (straight)
Don’t nothing get straightenin’ but straightenin’ (hey)
Don’t nothing get straightenin’ but straightenin’ (soo)
Don’t nothing get straightenin’ but straightenin’ (straight)
You don’t get shit straight if you don’t straightenin’ it (sah)


You don’t get shit str
aight if you don’t straighten it (no)
I’m the type to sit back and watch patient (watch)
Do a trick with the stick it’s amazing (stick)
In the bando trappin out vacants (bando)
Locs on like I’m starring in the Matrix (Matrix)
I keep the cookie like my grandma made it (cookie)
I keep the keys and the pounds and the babies (keys)
And the bricks came white like Shady (white)
Drive the Lambo through the avenue (skrt)
Pretty lil bih with a attitude (bad)
Give a shoutout to the white boy (boys)
All white Rolls look radical (radical)
Keep you a fire, don’t let them take it (no)
If they get yours you gotta get straightenin’ (straightenin’)
I catch a opp I give him a facelift (opp)
My niggas lurkin and spinnin the day-shift (lurk)
I got them racks when you see me (rackades)
Spin back to back it’s a repeat (spin)
Championship it’s a three-peat (three)
Shoot out the window like Drizzy and Freaky (freak)
I keep it on me believe me (yessir)
I be up high where the trees be (high)
I go and put on so much of this iceThey say don’t touch me you gon’ freeze me (freeze)


Straightenin’ (woo)
Yeah (straight)
Straightenin’ (soo)
Yeah (straight)
Don’t nothing get straightenin’ but straightenin’ (hey)
Don’t nothing get straightenin’ but straightenin’ (soo)
Don’t nothing get straightenin’ but straightenin’ (straight)
You don’t get shit straight if you don’t straightenin’ it (sah)


Get my straightenin ’ (straightenin)
Automatic handgun like the Navy (automatic)
I keep a hundred round drum I ain’t fading
Turn a nigga to a mummy with the payment
Terminate him with the money, it was gravy (Terminator)
Spin an opp block, rock a bye baby (rockabye)
Made his heart stop made his momma hate me (make em hate me)
We were trappin out the spot out the basement (out the spot)
Tasmanian devil we spin on your block (spin)
I pop a perk and I’m going berserk
And I woke up and bought me a drop (like fuck it)
Straight to the point I get straight to the straightenin’
Your buddy he can’t even walk (straight)
We gutted him nobody talk (we gutted him)
New Cullinan stars start to fall (new Cullinan)
Trappin and hustlin beat down the walls (beat down)
I’m with the steppa north side reppa
Qua keep a mac in the back of the Tesla (Qua)
I’m with the gang we could never be selfish (gang, gang, gang)
Watch how I dress I’m the drippin professor
Bought a Kill Tech then I bought a compressor (Kill Tech)
Time to press him, eat him for breakfast (hey)
Taught him a lesson I’m never confessing (hey)
Left him a message, somebody’s stretcher (str...


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  • Say: I seek refuge in The Lord of the Daybreak. From the evil of what He created; From the evil of the darkness when it is intense. And from the evil of the witches blowing on knots; And from the evil of an envier when he envies." QUR'AN / (read it Daily) This Sura; prayer for protection.

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