Polo G, Lil Wayne - GANG GANG (Official Video)

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Official video for “GANG GANG” by Polo G & Lil Wayne

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  • Weezy told Polo G hold my cup

    DevonDevonГодину тому
  • ‘Polo g’ more like ‘dababy’ more like ‘same flow same beat stupid album, only 1 banger cuz its all the same’

    Stalin LeninStalin Lenin2 години тому
  • Greatest rapper alive that keeps it coming still weezy lil tunchi

    Mackay MurphyMackay Murphy2 години тому
  • Why noone talkin bout the editor of this video this is SICK i listened to this once and now im addicted

    Iced OutIced Out5 годин тому
  • shit goes hard

    NuGGetZNuGGetZ7 годин тому
  • Only thing im mad about is its only 2:47 long. Got this shit on loop. lol

    Jay SomJay Som9 годин тому

    Wolfgang GNWolfgang GN10 годин тому
  • This should have more views

    Slippy massSlippy mass10 годин тому
  • go to 0:12

    Cameron GeorgetownCameron Georgetown10 годин тому
  • 0:00

    Cameron GeorgetownCameron Georgetown10 годин тому
  • 😁👽⚡⚡🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Cedrick HoneywoodCedrick Honeywood11 годин тому
  • Littyyyy!

    Hachi KynaHachi Kyna13 годин тому
  • 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 are you in

    Tukelo MbongwaTukelo Mbongwa15 годин тому
  • ukmate.info/clip/35yNm3jIasqFsYo/v-deo.html

    Павел ЛалетинПавел Лалетин17 годин тому
  • Lil Wayne is the reason why the rap game is the way it is. He is what I say a part of the "founding fathers"!

    Ak is MoistAk is Moist20 годин тому
  • Polo g bro~💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

    (지승우) 도미닉(지승우) 도미닉20 годин тому
  • Lil Wayne popped off !

    Alan AcostaAlan Acosta21 годину тому
  • 5555 proud

    david carrigerdavid carriger21 годину тому
  • Polo g lil wayne montreal quebec show now

    Eric GallantEric GallantДень тому
  • 안녕하세요?

    youngha paikyoungha paikДень тому
  • “Subtitles are not available for this video”

    AA 08AA 08День тому
  • They all gonna milk themselves... soon

    Curtis KeilCurtis KeilДень тому
  • Lol.... later..... see ya

    RedEdits!RedEdits!День тому
  • *does the holy cross *

    RedEdits!RedEdits!День тому
  • He gonna kill it in my charger..... come bus it for me

    RedEdits!RedEdits!День тому
  • Chilling.....wouldn't you agree?

    RedEdits!RedEdits!День тому
  • The 2 🐐’s

    Hasier SmithHasier SmithДень тому
  • Its what you mfing get lol

    RedEdits!RedEdits!День тому
  • Plastic.... your fake snoop....thats how uncomfortable you prolly made him.... so ya know

    RedEdits!RedEdits!День тому
  • Lol

    RedEdits!RedEdits!День тому
  • They're cc touches down.... or they ming on something.... they would have to where a diaper .....and I would have to bottle feed them

    RedEdits!RedEdits!День тому
  • They can't go there.... they are not immunizied.... marsha law

    RedEdits!RedEdits!День тому
  • They're saying e.d. leave now bitch..... Enforced disappearence..... like literally

    RedEdits!RedEdits!День тому
  • Get it.... *clear aligners* bitch

    RedEdits!RedEdits!День тому
  • *cough* *cough*..... so it's all aligned*

    RedEdits!RedEdits!День тому
  • Now I don't wanna be a part of it.... they was juken and finessen lol.... but im scared if I come in proximity.... there's other mfs.... that don't like me.... thats why they're calling him Danny.... Danny is my uncle who killed a man on heroin but doesn't remember doing it it

    RedEdits!RedEdits!День тому
  • And now.... its tilting backthe other way

    RedEdits!RedEdits!День тому
  • No its not its a sandwich My dad was doing his own thing.... my dad was not making full disclosures.... my dad got blamed for the nazis.... he got sandwiched in between... my mom is scared.... literally

    RedEdits!RedEdits!День тому
    • tf r u doing

      Bihan JBihan J15 годин тому
  • To be with Wayne you sold your soul to Satan. I can spell baphomet without my phone. ⌛✝️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Noah MosesNoah MosesДень тому
  • Been watching Lil Wayne since he mad, mirrors with bruno

    Nick CannNick CannДень тому
  • Lil Wayne has the worst verses in universe

    fabio condefabio condeДень тому
  • What is up polo g

    (지승우) 도미닉(지승우) 도미닉День тому
  • The lying nest individually spot because receipt oppositely dare afore a hideous high cafe. assorted, alert top

    dashe boydashe boyДень тому
  • Polo g💪🏾

    (지승우) 도미닉(지승우) 도미닉День тому
  • The song started ok ....wayne came in and just murda the whole beat 30yr old still rapping like brand new

    Someone1521Someone1521День тому
  • 💯

    AndreW LucerOAndreW LucerOДень тому
  • This what you shall call a true masterpiece

    Marcus SykesMarcus SykesДень тому
  • Underrated 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    WhoWhoДень тому
  • 0:51 rod waves dinner💀

    tretreДень тому
  • Lil wayne is over he no gang gang lol

    chief'n 420 smoke1 for the nationchief'n 420 smoke1 for the nationДень тому
  • Diverse women without none of the men in sight has been normalized. Seeing all races of women falling all over certain races of men while the rest of us are excluded. What a fake public discourse on racism America has.

    Ahnk PeresAhnk Peres2 дні тому
  • This shit right there is fire

    Jeffrey CarterJeffrey Carter2 дні тому
  • Ksi's or theirs, whose is better 👇

    SaitamaSaitama2 дні тому
  • Goat🔥🔥🔥

    jaquan kernsjaquan kerns2 дні тому
  • Lil wayne,you van retiré, the next génération is here🔥🔥

    Eulalie LeonieEulalie Leonie2 дні тому
  • Name of the girl in purple that appears in the minute 2:06

    Daniel CartierDaniel Cartier2 дні тому
  • My garndfather accidentally heard this song now he’s in a “gang”

    AzzamAzzam2 дні тому
  • Geometry dash practice type beat

    David YDavid Y2 дні тому
  • so much food bruh

    Will_ Gax507Will_ Gax5072 дні тому
  • Polo g, tunechi Lee that shit is lit😘😘🔥🔥🔥

    Olamilekan RichieOlamilekan Richie2 дні тому
  • Roscoe . Well done ✅👍.

    Michael FreierMichael Freier2 дні тому
  • Imagine being a goat period

    Elijah BolingElijah Boling2 дні тому
  • felt like '09 Wayne he still got it

    Miss IncognitoMiss Incognito2 дні тому
  • I love it

    lul ari famouslul ari famous2 дні тому
  • The first lil🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Saixge BeatzSaixge Beatz3 дні тому

    SODOMSODOM3 дні тому
  • Whenever I hear this song I start Vibing to this song

    Evgeniya DordzhievaEvgeniya Dordzhieva3 дні тому
  • The Goat Took Over This Song...

    Tommie JeffersonTommie Jefferson3 дні тому
  • Mfs loving that lightening lately

    Noah WerlingNoah Werling3 дні тому
  • [Intro: Polo G] Uh [Chorus: Polo G] So used to them gray clouds, I might fuck around, drop the top in the rain For the squad, we don't play around, we'll lay him down, hit his top close range He just pretend, he not with the gang 'Member back then, ask an opp what he bang Runnin' from the jakes, block hot like I'm Wayne Spend a quarter mil' on the watch and the chain I'm just tryna put a lock on the game Hot shit from this Glock when it flame [Verse 1: Polo G] Young nigga up now, 'member back then niggas clowned on me Now from the Heaven gates only way a nigga lookin' down on me Keep at least two hundred thou' on me, keep at least like thirty rounds on me With my niggas 'til the wheels fall off, don't care if my ride on E Gucci slides, Versace robes, palm trees, exotic hoes Snitchin', he can't right his wrongs once he play that writin' role Slime shit, we wipe his nose, feds watchin', might strike a pose Do a hit, take flight, we gone, we just take the dice and roll [Chorus: Polo G] So used to them gray clouds, I might fuck around, drop the top in the rain For the squad, we don't play around, we'll lay him down, hit his top close range He just pretend, he not with the gang 'Member back then, ask an opp what he bang Runnin' from the jakes, block hot like I'm Wayne Spend a quarter mil' on the watch and the chain I'm just tryna put a lock on the game Hot shit from this Glock when it flame [Verse 2: Lil Wayne] Soon as I touch down, them pussy feds be hot on me (Woo) Heard niggas got money all on my head, tell 'em come crown the king (Huh) Let the work thaw out for fourteen days, that's quarantine (Yeah) I'll pour my heart out before my lean, baby, no R&B (Yeah) Six-six-deuce, MOB Piru, big SooWoo, slime my group Slatt, slatt, slatt, a-achoo, wipe his nose, God bless you Blatt-blatt-blatt, I'm not through Bratt-tat-tat, duck, duck, goose Two big guns on me for the smoke That's Uncle Snoop and Martha Stew' Call me Capalotty (Woo), Big Slimalini (Yeah), Lil' Slime Gotti (Uh) That ain't the 'Ghini, lil' bitch, that's the 'Gatti (Skrrt) Promethazine me or pinot noir me I hide fettuccine from the federales I'm like Rick Pitino or John Calipari I'm leadin' my team, yeah, right to the finals That money talking and we talkin' private I'm not correspondin', hold on Gucci slides and Versace robes (Ooh) I'll slide a nigga, I'll slide a ho (Ooh) I banged on anybody gang And I ball with all my slime-inos On gang gang, on Hollygrove No plain jane, I smoke Zario And when the rain came I put the top down Under the dark clouds, I'm shining gold [Chorus: Lil Wayne] Used to the gray clouds, I might fuck around and drop the top in the rain (Yeah, yeah) For the squad, we don't play around, we'll lay him down, hit his top close range (Top close range) He just pretend, he not with the gang 'Member back then, ask an opp what he bang Runnin' from the jakes, block hot like I'm Wayne Spend a whole mil' on the watch and the chain I'm just tryna put a lock on the game Hot shit from this Glock when it flame, yeah [Outro: Lil Wayne] Polo G, Tunechi Lee, yeah, yeah Call me Capalotty

    Muhammad ArsalanMuhammad Arsalan3 дні тому
  • How Wayne Did His Face When He Said "Duck Duck Goose" 🤣😭😂 Rap Is Wayne's World Bruh 🐐O.G " Original Goat" Or "Only Goat" Either Way Is Fine 🤙

    Raymond PendergrassRaymond Pendergrass3 дні тому
  • Idgaf what nobody gotta say. Nobody will ever fuck with wayne. This dude is the greatest ever PERIOD. Not "GOAT" because that shit watered down. He the GREATEST nobody will ever say something new because he said it all. Nigga mind is Up In The Clouds. Only other person on the level Is Marshal PERIOD

    Raymond PendergrassRaymond Pendergrass3 дні тому
  • That’s to hard 🔥

    UnknownUnknown3 дні тому
  • PARTY TMRW 101 Huckleberry Knob Rd, Cave City, KY 42127 Friday

    D JamesD James3 дні тому
  • Why they take this off rap caviar man this shit is ridiculous

    Brian SmithBrian Smith3 дні тому
  • 🤌🏿

    THe COnSoLer MasTeR TcMTHe COnSoLer MasTeR TcM3 дні тому
  • 🛸🛸🛸🚀🚀

    A HaunterA Haunter3 дні тому
  • In the presence of two gaot rappers 🤯🤯🤯🤯

    Tukondjeni KomeshoTukondjeni Komesho3 дні тому
  • The abject book lovely fence because war incidentally deliver excluding a giant bomber. giddy, unkempt stopwatch

    Rowan RowanRowan Rowan3 дні тому
  • That fckn Wayne 🔥 best to ever do it

    Mariah WilsonMariah Wilson3 дні тому
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Electric BlueberriesElectric Blueberries3 дні тому
  • This still ain’t the real Wayne. Idc what anyone say. He goes way harder than this. But I’m glad to see him makin appearances

    Justin MarvelJustin Marvel4 дні тому
  • ukmate.info/clip/zJpttZvIfJGbn6g/v-deo.html

    BEEK THE GEEK !BEEK THE GEEK !4 дні тому
  • 1:15 to 1:19 , that shit is outta this world 🌎

    ace benedictace benedict4 дні тому
  • that go hard

    itsyoboyreditsyoboyred4 дні тому
  • ukmate.info/clip/25honWm1j6ybsXo/v-deo.html

    Gutta World 🌐Gutta World 🌐4 дні тому
  • Polo's finger dust going into the girls mouth and becoming Wayne's blunt cherry was some Xavier Renegade Angel shit 🤣

    xandersnatchxandersnatch4 дні тому
  • They couldn't put Wayne out with a fire truck he still in fire 🔥 🇯🇲

  • This is a certified Hood classic

    With boibackWith boiback5 днів тому
  • I love how Wayne is still rockin his dreads. What a legend 💰 if you are not afraid then be popular? within days with *Authentic views* make your track viral..

    morgan whitemorgan white5 днів тому
  • This song hit hard on a sub

    Chelsea BakerChelsea Baker5 днів тому
  • This song slaps.

    Grant DerbyGrant Derby5 днів тому