Guess The Boxer, Win $1,000

20 гру 2020
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Guess The Boxer, Win $1,000
ft. @FaZe Teeqo @FaZe Orba @hanridge @FaZe Kay @FaZe Nikan

The Boxers in this video are Ryan Garcia, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, KSI, Jake Paul, Logan Paul, Israel Adesanya, Floyd Money Mayweather, John Cena, Nate Robinson, Hulk Hogan, Undertaker, Khabib Nurmagedov, Jon Jones, Rey Mysterio, Bruce Lee, Connor McGregor, Joe Weller, Scarce.

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  • Why is thrre no the rock BRUH

    Sammusical 1324Sammusical 13244 дні тому
  • I like wwe toys

    MC LeonelMC Leonel4 дні тому
  • Do UKmate

    Anime marvel memes and DCAnime marvel memes and DC5 днів тому
  • On 4: 32 Hannah moaned

    Faze shotFaze shot13 днів тому
  • I love wwe

    Shukri AhmedShukri Ahmed16 днів тому
  • Did you know that you were fighting Michal LE

    Benj DykesBenj Dykes17 днів тому
  • Guess the boxer not wrestler the title is so messed up

    Debz wheeDebz whee17 днів тому
  • can i get a shout out

    Jack KieferJack Kiefer19 днів тому
  • John cena isnt a boxer isn't he

    VenVen20 днів тому
  • Ksi stands for kiss Simon imidiatley

    Hector HultgrenHector Hultgren22 дні тому
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Diego ReyesDiego Reyes22 дні тому
  • Imagine scamming

    Diego ReyesDiego Reyes22 дні тому
  • The fact that jarvis won this and jarvis won his own boxing match I think he might be using aimbot

    TNGVolvifyTNGVolvify24 дні тому
  • i love wwe

    andrew crumandrew crum25 днів тому
  • Nikan:Jon Jones bones. Me:Jon "bones" Jones.

    Darlene MoonDarlene Moon26 днів тому
  • I thought geuss the boxer not the wrestler

    YnigoRLYnigoRL26 днів тому
  • Next time Jarvis will be there❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

    ColdqColdq29 днів тому
  • Khabib

    cricket with raffaycricket with raffay29 днів тому
  • Mike tyson wwe??????

    pSneakYpSneakY29 днів тому
  • Hulk Hogan and the undertaker are not boxers they are wrestlers

    TheNinjaTurtle 1912TheNinjaTurtle 1912Місяць тому
  • I got all of them but not the wwe

    Arnor LeviArnor LeviМісяць тому
  • Jarvis went from aimbot at fort to aimbot irl

    Felixpj29Felixpj29Місяць тому
  • Bro I’m a fat wwe fan,and I guessed all of them before

    Laurie WatersLaurie WatersМісяць тому
  • Is it just me or does Nikon always end up in the finals

    Y7gamingY7gamingМісяць тому
  • Teawap: 3 2 1 and raid shadow legends

    Nick Lowery-BarsahNick Lowery-BarsahМісяць тому
  • Who is here after he won the fight

    A B AA B AМісяць тому
  • They are wwe not boxer

    Nathaniel RandazzoNathaniel RandazzoМісяць тому
  • Who the **** is scarce

    EmdogEmdogМісяць тому
  • Who else is here after Jarvis knocking out Michael le

    Waleed -_-Waleed -_-Місяць тому
  • Bruh I love when you guess the WWE westlers

    Jaden John VlogsJaden John VlogsМісяць тому
  • Mr. Knowledge

    ByteByteМісяць тому
  • Do this again..include Jarvy...not bryce tho

    Daksh VashishthaDaksh VashishthaМісяць тому
  • John cena is my favorite boxer

    Jaxson AllenJaxson AllenМісяць тому
  • Jesus is Lord and Savior

    KingJ_137MCKingJ_137MCМісяць тому
  • Orba is actually back

    Tonylemming2Tonylemming2Місяць тому
  • mike tysons a boxer

    Archer poppenbeckArcher poppenbeckМісяць тому
  • John cena is not a boxer he is a wrestler lol

    Payton PlayzPayton PlayzМісяць тому
  • Who's here after his fight

    samson isikasamson isikaМісяць тому
  • Rey mysteryo is my favorite wwe star

    Aldo PazAldo PazМісяць тому
  • Hulk Hogan and undertaker are wrestlers not boxing

    Larry MurrayLarry MurrayМісяць тому
  • put jarvis on the list lol

    FaZnonStopFaZnonStopМісяць тому
  • Nikan, Jon Jones ran over a pregnant woman and drove away. That’s ur favorite fighter?

    CooperCooperМісяць тому
  • Who watching the 2021 thinking we’re jarvie

    Bp CrusherthebestBp CrusherthebestМісяць тому
    • Me

      Brandy FoosBrandy FoosМісяць тому
  • 0:33 thats waht she said

    Tino DujicTino DujicМісяць тому
  • 0:38 Jarvis hand was under Frazier’s hand

    Stephen BattenStephen BattenМісяць тому
  • who knew he was gonna be one of them in 6 months and win with an amazing knockout on micheal

    Itz ReaperItz ReaperМісяць тому
  • The third one jarvis and kay were sus

    Egnasio NikolliEgnasio NikolliМісяць тому
  • 😂

    FearFearМісяць тому
  • No manny pacquiao? wow

    tagalogtagalogМісяць тому
  • I knew iT when He Showed The abs Because am A huge Huge fan of Bruce lee

  • The comeback tho

    Avnish officialAvnish officialМісяць тому
  • Hi

    I R O N M A NI R O N M A NМісяць тому
  • Who's here after the knockout

    SS_SaberSS_SaberМісяць тому
  • ###################

    Elite JerryxAChamuElite JerryxAChamuМісяць тому
  • Jarvis been right there

    Jacob MachucaJacob MachucaМісяць тому
  • Seeeeeeesh

    Sombe JanetSombe JanetМісяць тому
  • its khabib

    NWM Issa NWM Issa Місяць тому
  • Who’s here after Jarvis knocked out Micheal

    qtohmqtohmМісяць тому

    origin_edrian kingorigin_edrian kingМісяць тому
  • teeco be like when the loser comes crashing dow dadanananana

    T MT MМісяць тому
  • Me KSI

    Artin HissamiArtin HissamiМісяць тому
  • And now jarvis is a boxer

    Abhav AngiAbhav AngiМісяць тому
  • But undertaker isn’t a boxer he’s from WWE

    ItsAmedi_GamingItsAmedi_GamingМісяць тому
  • 3:19 He said “ no it’s not brock lesnar. Bruh he doesn’t have any hair on his chest lol.

    RoPoVRoPoVМісяць тому
    • 3:17

      RoPoVRoPoVМісяць тому
  • here are some wwe mike Tyson

    duck boy 905duck boy 905Місяць тому
  • Little did he know

    Cxlq ϟCxlq ϟМісяць тому
  • Jon jones from fortnite

    fngamerfngamerМісяць тому
  • Wtf mike Tyson isn’t wwe he is a boxer

    FRONZY 1FRONZY 1Місяць тому
  • i like khabib

    Abudin RasuliAbudin RasuliМісяць тому
  • Who’s here after the fight

    ッSullyッSullyМісяць тому
  • Let’s go Jarvis

    SLM JJzSLM JJzМісяць тому
  • I love wwe

    Mario VargasMario VargasМісяць тому
  • I knew all the www one’s

    NoobMasterNoobMasterМісяць тому
  • Little did he know he will become 1

    ŠUŹ!ŠUŹ!Місяць тому
  • Jarvis gonna be in part 2 of this

    RaidenLPRaidenLPМісяць тому
  • Jarvis should have been there

    Blade ClanBlade ClanМісяць тому
  • I like how Jarvis makes his own memes

    Sangeen Hayat BabarSangeen Hayat BabarМісяць тому
  • Who watching this after Jarvis won the fight

    Xgamer21 ProXgamer21 ProМісяць тому
  • Jarvis came up with a clutch in the final round

    Adnan HankeerAdnan HankeerМісяць тому
  • good win

    Jayden HaifaJayden HaifaМісяць тому
  • I love Hulk hogan and undertaker

    Lanky boxLanky boxМісяць тому
  • Jarvis straight cheated his way to win

    Bob BobBob BobМісяць тому
  • Who is here after Jarvis won😈

    ShisuShisuМісяць тому
  • Who else watching this in 2021 ?

    WauxWauxМісяць тому
  • Nikan is sus 3:39

    Yeetking88Yeetking88Місяць тому
  • the real winner is always jarvis no matter what becos he earns the money from the video

    ITrulySuckAtTheGameITrulySuckAtTheGameМісяць тому
  • *Yes*

    Tussy MustardTussy MustardМісяць тому
  • Who s here after he won his fight

    sanatsanatМісяць тому
  • Sad how hasbullah wasn't there

    Tushar BhatiaTushar BhatiaМісяць тому
  • u a study man bro god

    Ganobli BryanGanobli BryanМісяць тому
  • Jarvis fight just past XD

    BashLeeBashLeeМісяць тому
  • KSI stands for (Knowledge Stands Intelligence)

    Sukh LalliSukh LalliМісяць тому
    • nvm it stands for knowledge strength integrity

      Sukh LalliSukh LalliМісяць тому
  • whos here after jarvis beat the shit out of Michael le

    zyceizyceiМісяць тому
  • Because my brotehr said he wanted to box me

    Jake playsJake playsМісяць тому
  • I’m sweating because I was boxing but it wa s practice

    Jake playsJake playsМісяць тому
  • 5:07 how did Nikon get that with only a blank screen to guess

    Sampson M. PhuckSampson M. PhuckМісяць тому
  • KSI stands for knowledge,stupid,idiot

    Dawit LebenDawit LebenМісяць тому
  • The logo is sic

    keith wittmankeith wittmanМісяць тому
  • I said Jon Jones was Anderson Silva lol

    Jonathan BustamanteJonathan BustamanteМісяць тому
  • Hi

    devan hawkesdevan hawkesМісяць тому