Polo G, Stunna 4 Vegas & NLE Choppa feat. Mike WiLL Made-It - Go Stupid (Official Video)

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Official video for “Go Stupid“ by Polo G featuring Stunna 4 Vegas & NLE Choppa.

Listen & Download “Go Stupid” out now: PoloG.lnk.to/GoStupid

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Director: Michael Garcia
Concept by: Polo G
Production Company: Hidden Pictures LLC
Executive Producers: Shiri Fauer , Bruno Breil
DP: Gevorg Sarkisian
Editor: Michael Garcia
Commissioner: Saul Levitz

Song produced by Mike WiLL Made-It & Tay Keith

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  • This >> rapstar

    Brian BustamanteBrian Bustamante3 години тому
  • Is it just me or does that look like the class dad make his song in couple years ago

    Aisha BakerAisha Baker4 години тому
  • Strazy

    MeeeloMeeelo5 годин тому
  • This song hit hard tho

  • The day at school I missed:

    Jimere CampbellJimere Campbell10 годин тому
  • :D

    The Vengeful OneThe Vengeful One10 годин тому
  • 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🔥

    Cleven BorisCleven Boris13 годин тому
  • 🔥🔥

    Kara ClendeningKara Clendening13 годин тому
  • Cool fun music

    Kyle TorrejosKyle Torrejos14 годин тому
  • When its you last day of school

    Quin JasonQuin Jason15 годин тому
  • so we gon sit here and pretend like NLE didn't just GO OFF?!

    Melissa EnnisMelissa Ennis22 години тому
  • This songs fire bro

    John Densler vlogs and moreJohn Densler vlogs and moreДень тому
  • they just want to fight finished

    Kroopz CastlezzKroopz CastlezzДень тому
  • team

    Kroopz CastlezzKroopz CastlezzДень тому
  • Tool this is

    Qasim KilbrideQasim KilbrideДень тому
  • I like how he’s 5’9” but the song says he tall lol

    Dustin GuthrieDustin GuthrieДень тому

    King 2kKing 2kДень тому
  • The kids at home be like aw crap I got to go to school tomorrow and they have an English test the day they ( AW CRAP)

    Rachel LinthicumRachel LinthicumДень тому
  • This is one of the few in which every second sounds fire like fr its so fucking dope

    Essie on grindEssie on grindДень тому
  • NLE is always talking about fucking the police

    BlackRaven 195BlackRaven 195День тому
  • Nle in a with polo in room with each othe like. Weed

    David millerDavid millerДень тому
  • Best Polo G song hands down

    AyyColbyAyyColby2 дні тому
  • 2k21 be like

    It’syourgirlT PLAYSIt’syourgirlT PLAYS2 дні тому
  • This $hit slaps on god on god 🔥🔥

    FunnyflightclipsFunnyflightclips2 дні тому
  • Ayo that ain't the sound of the Huracan it isn't a v12

    Andreas NajdovskiAndreas Najdovski2 дні тому
  • The kids at the school. Dang the kids that missed school that sucks

    Tony Hamilton 2Tony Hamilton 22 дні тому
  • the shi that happens when u miss a day at school frl

    worthyworthy2 дні тому
  • tell me why stunna look like a koala

    nautica swordnautica sword2 дні тому
  • Dam I ain't know stunna 4 Vegas could rap no cap shit

    Herley gallatinHerley gallatin2 дні тому
  • Shit shit shot shit

    chill beatchill beat2 дні тому
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    RGN PumpupRGN Pumpup3 дні тому

    RGN PumpupRGN Pumpup3 дні тому
  • This brazzy

    Wazey FNWazey FN3 дні тому
  • you decide to skip a day of school the day of school:

    Calin RaduCalin Radu3 дні тому
  • bars sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

    James NewberryJames Newberry3 дні тому
  • this what happenes when you miss one day of school

    prekqsprekqs4 дні тому
  • shoulda left NLE off this

    NPK GrahamNPK Graham4 дні тому
    • @Lamar Battle nah hes garbage af

      NPK GrahamNPK Graham2 дні тому
    • U tripppin

      Lamar BattleLamar Battle2 дні тому
    • FR

      RGN PumpupRGN Pumpup3 дні тому
  • logics version is better nocap

    HAZHAZ4 дні тому
  • He a 🐐!!

    Nathan JohnsonNathan Johnson4 дні тому
  • “polo g came to school yesterday!” me:”it’s every time i miss school i swear”

    hibots23hibots234 дні тому
  • влад лас вегас

    OG Pod SolyamiOG Pod Solyami5 днів тому
  • What's Ya'll favorite part? Mine is either Polo G or NLE. Like for Polo G and Dislike for NLE, let's do a poll. If Stunna just leave a reply "Stunna"

    Adrian LopezAdrian Lopez5 днів тому
  • rappers when doing music video the one that always in the camera: dababy the one that dances more than raps: nle choppa The one that raps with the back of his teeth: lil baby

    Jaden SmithJaden Smith5 днів тому
  • Love it polo

    Jaden SmithJaden Smith5 днів тому
  • I can see NLE Choppa picking fights with the grade 12 kids when he’s in grade 9

    Fizz BTWFizz BTW6 днів тому
    • faxx:)

      xd-birdboyxd-birdboy5 днів тому
  • underrated.

    Sana's husbandSana's husband6 днів тому
  • Best 2k sonht

    Drippy LolDrippy Lol6 днів тому
    • FR

      RGN PumpupRGN Pumpup3 дні тому
  • A stunna and king von song would’ve went so hard

    SwayzehSwayzeh6 днів тому
  • i did skip school

    Daniel BiarDaniel Biar6 днів тому
  • a

    Boris VivasBoris Vivas6 днів тому
  • this is exactly how summer school feels

    RWHRWH6 днів тому
  • This song goes to hard ngl

    Cool DudeCool Dude6 днів тому
  • NLE's part in 2k21:

    SkufF_Fresh1SkufF_Fresh16 днів тому
    • YEAH

      RGN PumpupRGN Pumpup3 дні тому
  • Friend: YOOO WHY DIDN'T YOU COME TO SCHOOL YESTERDAY? Me: I was sick Friend:lemme tell you what happened we had Polo NLE And Stunna sing a song Me: are you kidding me?

    𝐓𝐫𝐞𝐲𝐯𝐨𝐧𝐓𝐫𝐞𝐲𝐯𝐨𝐧6 днів тому
  • Choppa could be in that school

    Kid TrickstersKid Tricksters7 днів тому
  • If i said it i seen i and done it .. . damn

    Smxy GoatSmxy Goat7 днів тому
  • Bro Polo and Choppa KILLED THIS

    DamageDamage7 днів тому
    • Stunna didn’t?

      SwayzehSwayzeh3 дні тому
  • Choppa woke up and chose violence

    Razvan MireaRazvan Mirea7 днів тому
  • Damm

    ClixClix7 днів тому
  • Macbk3617 is my gamer tag on Xbox series x

    Mac BMac B7 днів тому
    • 😎😎😎

      Mac BMac B7 днів тому
  • After you skip school watch this video lol

  • and always talk about guns so i wanna see him kill a cop if he tuff

    Shai&JayShai&Jay8 днів тому
  • nle always say nle when its not his time too rap

    Shai&JayShai&Jay8 днів тому
  • AmImagine seen these two ladies three people at your school

    Erica HiltonErica Hilton8 днів тому
  • This song goes hard 🥶🥵

    Gannon BlackGannon Black8 днів тому
  • Scripted

    sub to mtk bunnysub to mtk bunny8 днів тому
    • What

      Lamar BattleLamar Battle2 дні тому
  • The student at 0:21 that got hyped before all the other students made it more realistic lmao

    P XP X8 днів тому
  • Aggressive and lit I feel like polo G is reading my mind

    ابوبكر عاطفابوبكر عاطف9 днів тому
  • The one day you miss school and it's poppin😂

    G WG W9 днів тому
  • Yo WTF the the camera bro

    Kian22XKian22X9 днів тому
  • “Shoot a opp in his brain, im leaving a stain, only thing you see is RED SHIT!!” That delivery was vicious 😤😤🔥🔥

    PlankPlank9 днів тому
  • U can reslly see all the plays and hits they be putting out bro 💯

    awsome800awsome8009 днів тому
  • another song ruined by tiktok

    Ishan SoniIshan Soni9 днів тому
    • Yes

      Jerry the mouseJerry the mouse8 днів тому
  • Great beat

    a Tuckera Tucker10 днів тому
  • 1:05 lol not today

    Sea MonsterSea Monster10 днів тому
  • this is too good

    LeahLeah10 днів тому
  • Me: at home faking sick That day:👆

    IamMrwigSnatcherIamMrwigSnatcher10 днів тому
  • This song makes me want too leave the closet open before bed👿👿👿👿😜😜😜😬😬🔥🔥🔥😈😈🥶🥶🥶😎😎😎😤😤😤

    joshylando5joshylando510 днів тому
  • this song fr go stupid

    free fire GAMER⁹²²free fire GAMER⁹²²10 днів тому
  • Back on campus 🙈

    GRAVY WAVYGRAVY WAVY11 днів тому
  • When u miss a day in school

    S3ntsS3nts11 днів тому
  • this go stupid in fast speed

    NL10 official NLNL10 official NL11 днів тому
  • Now that I listen to this song again I think da baby would go hard on this no cap

    Alberto LoezaAlberto Loeza11 днів тому
  • fz6Zo8VNjRE

    miguel_FNBRmiguel_FNBR11 днів тому
  • z65x8idqk5c

    miguel_FNBRmiguel_FNBR11 днів тому
  • “Feeling This” vibes

    LanceLance11 днів тому
  • Polo carried

    Madison VellonMadison Vellon11 днів тому
  • Stunna sounds like young MA

    eeiight baalleeiight baall11 днів тому
  • Yo that beat hit harder then my dads belt

    Cayden YatesCayden Yates11 днів тому
  • stunna looks like a faceless tat 21

    Christopher ValenzuelaChristopher Valenzuela12 днів тому
  • one of best works of polo g

    Ugly LxrdUgly Lxrd12 днів тому
  • Best song ever I’m listening to this in my headphones all the way up

    kaleFNkaleFN12 днів тому
  • Let's have a moment of silence for the parents of all of those kids that had to see there clothes all dirty

    Dawn SmithDawn Smith13 днів тому
  • yes sirr still hard

    MoncaMonca13 днів тому
  • Ayyyyyyyyy 🔥🔥🔥

    S.T locksS.T locks13 днів тому
  • me: skips school that day at school:

    OoferOofer13 днів тому
  • Me:skips school finally The day at school: All my friends tell me what happened: ME: WTF WAS I THINKING

    BentZOnBaconYTBentZOnBaconYT13 днів тому
  • My sis lol

    Ashley BoydAshley Boyd14 днів тому
    • tf

      OoferOofer13 днів тому
  • Any legends here in 2021🔥🔥🔥

    14 cases14 cases14 днів тому