Chief Keef - Love Sosa

18 жов 2012
194 714 725 Переглядів

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Produced by @youngchopbeatz |
(C) 2012 Interscope Records

  • Hi Micheal

    Lil jamjamsLil jamjams14 хвилин тому
  • Fun fact: Chief Keef doesn't walk forward, it's the Earth rolls backwards for him.

    Isyraf AfendiIsyraf Afendi17 хвилин тому
  • the subs tho

    Roberto CRoberto C54 хвилини тому
  • Fun fact: Chief keef cussed his mom for making vegis

    Ryan JolinRyan Jolin55 хвилин тому
  • Still Poppin in 2021💯🔥🔥🔥

    Rashad d3kRashad d3kГодину тому
  • Chief Keef tells his parents their adopted

    GoobGoobГодину тому
  • When Chief Keef gets drunk the drink gets hungover

    GoobGoobГодину тому
  • Whenever Chief Keef Runs out of money the universe automatically gives him him 70mil

    GoobGoobГодину тому
  • okay but song slaps tbh

    hunterhunterГодину тому
  • Chief keef once visited Electrical as a Crewmate with 2 imposters in it. It was a Victory...

    Random PersonRandom PersonГодину тому
  • Chief Keef has so much ice on him that when he sweats, Ice cubes come out

    Random PersonRandom PersonГодину тому
  • This is the Chicago they don't teach you in Geography classes...

    Random PersonRandom PersonГодину тому
  • Fun Fact: Cheef Keef dismissed his parents from the dinner table

    Will ClappWill Clapp2 години тому
  • Fun fact: when chief keef chooses the low honor route he still ends the game with the high honor ending

    Pizza steve Fan 2004Pizza steve Fan 20042 години тому
  • Fun Fact: Chief Keef was the 1st to have real steppes in his videos. Long love the guys🙌🏾🗣🙏🏾🌌💯😎

    wanted Worldwidewanted Worldwide2 години тому
  • sosa was in the bible but was removed due to racism

    ToastedToasted2 години тому
  • No lie he was the coolest 15yo no cap

    God SonGod Son3 години тому
  • Ayo the sub count kinda sus

    I stole your edit WI stole your edit W4 години тому
  • Chief Keef a real hitta

    VveezyVveezy4 години тому
  • who’s here in august ?

    Cobe EvansCobe Evans5 годин тому
  • magdihab izvad ouiadxaodzgbauo bdauowzugbdoaouj ofboabdoahdzoufa

    CloveClove5 годин тому
    • same tbh

      PoksiwoPoksiwo4 години тому
  • The day this song came is now in history books

    chris tokerrchris tokerr6 годин тому
  • Day 60 of coming back every day for the love of sosa

    RapInsideRapInside6 годин тому
  • fuck you, guys from tik tok

  • Cheif Keef had a bad month on the 13th month on the year, now its removed

    Da De BoyDa De Boy6 годин тому
  • Fun Fact: Blow me up because Sosa Let’s do it 🏁🔥SUBCRIBE 🚦👏☝️

    Today's HitsToday's Hits7 годин тому

    Hashem ShreimHashem Shreim7 годин тому
  • The only thing that breaks GTAV train is sosa.

    Teddy OfficialTeddy Official8 годин тому
  • Petition to change the national anthem to love sosa ✍️

    DL MikeyDL Mikey8 годин тому
  • Everyone is saying fun fact 😂

    PGV AxstroPGV Axstro8 годин тому
  • Fun fact: when chief keef goes to the store the food pays for itself

    ParadoxParadox8 годин тому
  • Chief keef is the type of person to shoot the sun because it has a fire fit

    DripablesDripables9 годин тому
  • Who’s still listening to it in 2021

    Obsa RamziObsa Ramzi9 годин тому
  • The problem with this song is that end

    ZNobody xxZNobody xx10 годин тому
  • When he robs the bank, the manager gets fired for not protecting the money

    Kennadie JonesKennadie Jones10 годин тому
  • Fun fact: when chief keef doesn’t drive a car, the car drives him

    Xnfinity GamerXnfinity Gamer10 годин тому
  • My nigga on top

    Lil chubzLil chubz11 годин тому
  • One day this song will hit 1 billion views hope we can see it happen

    The fitness challengerThe fitness challenger12 годин тому
  • Fun fact ..when chief kief shoots some one the gun take the charge 🚶

    tell Meade sainttell Meade saint12 годин тому
  • fun fact:chief keef took my girlfriend

    vinessen martins chinanvinessen martins chinan12 годин тому
  • He is 300 years old

    Giovanni reidGiovanni reid13 годин тому
  • Damn the ceo of bang energy must've been a big fan of chief keef

    Στεφανος ΣιαμικαςΣτεφανος Σιαμικας13 годин тому
  • When chief keef arrives late everyone apologizes for being early

    GirlGirl13 годин тому
  • This song makes me wanna break in to a house and install a security system

    GirlGirl13 годин тому
  • Chief keef tells his parents to do the dishes

    GirlGirl13 годин тому
  • The boundless card electronmicroscopically land because apparatus formerly admire save a magical clarinet. important, crowded zinc

    Esmeralda ReihingEsmeralda Reihing14 годин тому
  • Chief keef didn’t land on planet rock… planet rock landed on chief keef!

    Ali ShaheedAli Shaheed14 годин тому
  • i can't believe he was 3hunna when he made this masterpiece

    DaveDave15 годин тому
  • Classic

    _FILIPPO__FILIPPO_15 годин тому
  • The absent cartoon clinically juggle because book excitingly heat next a marvelous soccer. worried, acrid albatross

    Er ZEr Z15 годин тому
  • When Sosa calls the Uber driver The driver becomes the passenger.

    Ja ZoraJa Zora15 годин тому
  • 2021 are you alive?

    kiciu koxkiciu kox16 годин тому
    • Who?

      I NI N15 годин тому
  • The comment section we needed

    Beki RamaniBeki Ramani17 годин тому
  • Fun fact: the chance of being struck by lightning is so low because the lightning is scared to hit chief keef

    DBPLAYS14DBPLAYS1417 годин тому
  • Fun fact: When Chief Keef turned eighteen his parents left the house.

    spyro007spyro00717 годин тому
  • Fun fact: when chief keefs dad went to the store to get milk he actually came back

    DBPLAYS14DBPLAYS1417 годин тому
  • 🐐

    Brad MontgomeryBrad Montgomery18 годин тому
  • looks like ksi xd

    Hasan B GamingHasan B Gaming18 годин тому
    • @Hasan B Gaming stfu he doesn't

      So who is geh?So who is geh?15 годин тому
    • @Angad Uppal no he little bit look like our fat kneak

      Hasan B GamingHasan B Gaming18 годин тому
    • No he doesn’t 💀

      Angad UppalAngad Uppal18 годин тому
  • Fun Fact: Chief keef makes the sun orbit around him

    AceWTFAceWTF20 годин тому
    • Stop spamming goddamm

      Maxigameplay 9Maxigameplay 920 годин тому
  • Fun fact: Chief keef takes the cold hit of the shower wen it turn on

    AceWTFAceWTF21 годину тому
  • Fun fact: Chief keef took that vaccine on the left arm and sleeps on his left arm

    AceWTFAceWTF21 годину тому
  • When chief keef gets pulled over he arrests the cops

    Edin HavicEdin Havic21 годину тому
  • Fun fact: When Chief Keef comes to your house, Your the guest.

    Jonathan SJonathan S21 годину тому
    • copied

      BraedenBraeden15 годин тому
  • Love Sosa

    BigBranBigBran22 години тому
  • eyy chief keef your the real dude

    td pokemon go perfecttd pokemon go perfect22 години тому
  • fun fact: keef is actually jesus christ

    braden wrightbraden wright23 години тому
  • Day 59 of coming back every day for the love of sosa

    RapInsideRapInside23 години тому
  • Say what you want.. it still blows my mind how this song changed the scope of rap for years to come and he was 16 when this dropped

    Christian CrockerChristian Crocker23 години тому
  • goat

    ItsspiritItsspiritДень тому
  • big gucci sosa

    Sento UchihaSento UchihaДень тому
  • Million

    Ghost CarmynGhost CarmynДень тому
  • Eyw wtf!?? You call this rap ..smh

    • -_-

      l9gzl9gz23 години тому
  • hi

    Roman LileRoman LileДень тому
  • Fun Fact: there are over 50,000 Fun Fact comments

    Third PorkusThird PorkusДень тому
  • Dam the beat tho

    AnthonyAnthonyДень тому
  • nearly a decade wow

    Tangerine RocheTangerine RocheДень тому
  • Chief keef started this shit!

    Kuan MoneyKuan MoneyДень тому
  • Fun fact: During World War 2, Japanese pilots were bumping Chief Keef's music so hard in their planes that they went kamikaze

    The Creative ThinkerThe Creative ThinkerДень тому
  • Fun fact: chief keef forgot the 50th state now we have 49

    Daniel PuffinDaniel PuffinДень тому
  • Trash

    Jack KashubaJack KashubaДень тому
  • These bitches love Sosa

    Paula ParraPaula ParraДень тому
  • Fun Fact: Sosa doesn't have a Glock in his hand simply bc his haters kill themselves

    Key3poKey3poДень тому
  • Literally the best comment section of yt

    Elijah TaylorElijah TaylorДень тому
  • Jesus Christ loves you all so much ❤️❤️♥️

    DomagojDomagojДень тому
  • Gut

    Calvin ThiermannCalvin ThiermannДень тому
  • Fun fact: When chief keef takes a shower the shower actually takes him

    Joe VJoe VДень тому
  • Chief keef decides when schools over

    Dubem NwosuDubem NwosuДень тому
  • Bro I'm 21 but this was 8 years ago? I feel so old, nearly dead. I wonder, does this song sound "old" to any of y'all new listeners?

    AJ FoskeyAJ FoskeyДень тому
  • Not gonna lie im takin a shit while listening to this, im currently shitting bullets

    TheGoatedMCTheGoatedMCДень тому
  • 666k

    unknown since 2002unknown since 2002День тому
  • rel

  • When sosa goes to vote, his vote is counted 300 times.

    AlkrabineAlkrabineДень тому
    • Nah that's cap When he votes, it doesn't matter what others do. His vote is the ultimate

      Random PersonRandom PersonГодину тому
    • facts

      Bigfoot LZABigfoot LZA6 годин тому
  • We on demon type with 666k subscribers

    Dailey CochranDailey CochranДень тому
  • luhh sosaaa

    NkealNkealДень тому
  • Let's get this to a billion

    Mohammed KhanMohammed KhanДень тому
  • This is always on top👑👑👑

    Ski♓Ski♓День тому