The Legendary Power Of Tommy Morrison

25 січ 2021
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BLTV takes a closer look at the career of Tommy 'The Duke' Morrison.

  • Also, awsome job on the vid!! Thk so much

    Lappy DogLappy DogГодину тому
  • WOW never really followed boxing but holy hell what a kid!!! Such a shame for the loss of such a champ!

    Lappy DogLappy DogГодину тому
  • Im still confused about why they halt his boxing career? The false claims about his hiv.

    Notyou AgainNotyou Again2 години тому
  • Tommy "The Machine" Gunnnnnn!

    Ty ReitmanTy Reitman4 години тому
  • Отличный был боксер!!! Пусть земля ему будет пухом, и светлым местом, со святым покоем. Амин...

    Сергей ХрусталёвСергей Хрусталёв4 години тому
  • Wooow era muy bueno. Tenía golpes muy fuertes 💪ese volado y oppercut muy letales. QDEP RIP

    JAADBAZAJAADBAZA4 години тому
  • So much potential, such a sad end.

    Robert Van EveryRobert Van Every5 годин тому
  • Жаль что Томми так и не встретился с Тайсоном на ринге. Оба были на пике в одно время.

    VALERAVALERA5 годин тому
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    Byron ReyesByron Reyes5 годин тому
  • Fool turned on Rocky and stabbed him in the back

    Anthony WilliamsAnthony Williams6 годин тому
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  • puro pepechuge ang mga nakalaban

    manolito mulatmanolito mulat6 годин тому
  • The white mike tyson!

    frank pizzofrank pizzo8 годин тому
  • The reason Tommy isn't to this day discussed as one of the greatest to have ever done it is because of himself. He is THE textbook example of a person getting in their own way. It's sad honestly. His natural gifts in the ring were mind blowing. Also he was a genuinely good dude who NEVER spat on anyone he beat.

    Chip ChippahsonChip Chippahson8 годин тому
  • 13:02 Tommy chose to wait for his opponent to guard up before striking; that's sportsmanship

    boosomentityboosomentity8 годин тому
  • "Women weaken legs" (from Rocky).

    Roger DodgerRoger Dodger9 годин тому
  • I love how he's so respectful.

    UnknownUnknown13 годин тому
  • Morrison vs Butterbean?

    Martin Von WunderGassMartin Von WunderGass13 годин тому
  • Great production! Well done.

    mstepskimstepski14 годин тому
  • Too bad he never fought Tyson or David Tua. Would have been a good matchup.

    ChurchBoiChurchBoi14 годин тому
  • Everyone knows what happened to Morrison after he became champ... Sex, drugs, and rock n roll.

    Astral EagleAstral Eagle14 годин тому
  • Great video but what's the reason for seemingly abandoning the main channel for the past year?

    Ethan SchanerEthan Schaner15 годин тому
  • 💉

    Evan BEvan B15 годин тому
  • Uff

    artiste soundboxartiste soundbox16 годин тому
  • Now thats boxing. Now it’s all about cute boys and antics ....

    El MediaEl Media16 годин тому
  • Definitely the white tyson

    MeandhiminmyheadMeandhiminmyhead16 годин тому
  • ...and, on top of all that skill and character, he also looks like a meaty version of 90s hunk, _Mark-Paul Gosselaar,_ from _Saved by the Bell._ Winner! Chinner!

    Mr Jean DeauxMr Jean Deaux16 годин тому
  • Dude had raw power

    Alph12Alph1217 годин тому
  • He was an AIDS denier I think.

    NateNate18 годин тому
  • racizm ) ++++++

    StreetBondStreetBond18 годин тому
  • To the video creator.... You seriously did a great job. Great footage that showed the good stuff. And not a bunch of endless talking.

    Michael HMichael H18 годин тому
  • This is such a shame. Just a dang good boxer who got involved in drugs. I have a brother who was destroyed by drugs. Darn good guy who could fix or do anything. He got into drugs and lost everything. Lost years of life in jails, lost his marriage, lost good jobs, and lost his kids.... All for the phucking crack pipe 🤦‍♂️.

    Michael HMichael H18 годин тому
  • RIP Legend

    FPS RicoFPS Rico19 годин тому
  • I interviewed him a few years back. Have the videos on my UKmate page. It's sad what happened to him, but he did a lot of it to himself.

    THE BigraguTHE Bigragu19 годин тому
  • He was a straight killer back in the day

    Rob StarkRob Stark20 годин тому
  • That punch that hit Razor Ruddock!!!!! 💯💣💢💥

    Justin RussoJustin Russo20 годин тому
  • Why didn't they include the Ray Mercer or Lennox Lewis fights?

    foolooffooloof21 годину тому
  • i am absolutely disgusted that ive never heard of this guy. he deserves to be recongnised. what a fighter and may he rest in the pantheon of the gods.

    Frontbutt FiascoFrontbutt Fiasco22 години тому
    • @Frontbutt Fiasco it's Rocky V

      BenutzerNummer1BenutzerNummer1Годину тому
    • @BenutzerNummer1 i havent seen that in years mate. i most certainly will if i watch it again

      Frontbutt FiascoFrontbutt FiascoГодину тому
    • Didn't you see Rocky? He plays tommi Gunn.

      BenutzerNummer1BenutzerNummer119 годин тому
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    StreetBondStreetBond22 години тому
  • way way blu )) rach san

    StreetBondStreetBond23 години тому
  • Мухаммед, Мухаммед 👇ноль этот Мухаммед. А это истинный Белый! Геракл! Super Man!!!

    Сергей КабичкинСергей Кабичкин23 години тому
  • Yep, RIP. I read somewhere that AIDS was the knockout blow -- is this right?

    ozmunkyozmunky23 години тому
  • I remember watching Quick Tillis running by my school when I was in elementary school in Tulsa in the early 80s. “Hey There goes Quick Tillis!” (No one knew his first name wasn’t “Quick”) And we’d all run to the fence and try to keep pace with him, shouting “Hey Quick Tillis what’s up Quick Tillis!” I remember him as a good dude who would stop and chat once in a while.

    Brandon JamesBrandon James23 години тому
  • an absolute shame his demise.

    Michael C.Michael C.День тому
  • I enjoyed watching his afterfight interviews just as much as the fights themselves. this dude was a champion

    Patrick HicksPatrick HicksДень тому
  • It looks like at 13 min mark that when his opponent just dropped his hands that Tommy didn't want to hit him again thinking he was basically done. Like he held himself back. kinda cool moment of humanity if so

    Chase NewmanChase NewmanДень тому
  • Magic of the editing. Saw that Foreman match back in the days. Morrison was running from Foreman most of the match and they made it seem like he completely dominated him!

    Munyan SébastienMunyan SébastienДень тому
  • dude was a legend, thank you for the video. Ive heard the name but never knew the story. RIP Duke, great fighter and stand up guy. Can you imagine if he existed today!?!?!

    andrew mcdonaldandrew mcdonaldДень тому
  • 13:31 what in the world is that song? I can't get it out of my head now.

    Mitchell GuntrumMitchell GuntrumДень тому
    • After a while of combing through all of Destiny 1 and 2 soundtracks, I finally realized it was from BFV's theme song. For the other ADHD people that need to know for no reason.

      Mitchell GuntrumMitchell GuntrumДень тому
  • Great video. I’m a little late to your party, but impressed nonetheless. I see that you convert from VHS. I have 2 Boise Cascade paper boxes full of boxing VHS tapes. Interested?

    G NayrG NayrДень тому
  • Is that TOMMY GUNN from Rocky 3???

    ThreepwoodForestThreepwoodForestДень тому
  • Song at 6:19 ? sounds familiar.

    Danny ArmijoDanny ArmijoДень тому
  • Yeah, I always liked him. And that overhand right at 4:29 has got to be amongst the single most devastating punches ever landed by any boxer, ever. Too bad he just sort of fell apart.

    D BrownD BrownДень тому
  • The John Daly of boxing! That's a compliment, for those that are confused

    Mitchell GuntrumMitchell GuntrumДень тому
    • or was Daly the Tommy Morrison of golf?

      Mitchell GuntrumMitchell GuntrumДень тому
  • Sad. He had everything needed to be a multiple belt champ. Looks like he surrounded himself with idiots until the very end, including his wife. He was very articulate when it came to boxing, but seemed to not be very smart outside the ring. He be alive today if only he would have listened to the right people. RIP Tommy Morrison.

  • Very impressive ... I am not really a boxing fan but this was amazing ... sad that his illicit lifestyle led to his demise ... hopefully he found Jesus along the way.

    Steve SSteve SДень тому
  • Man I wish I could've had that kind of look Tommy had instead of being a putrid skinny shit with bones that break if I hit something.

    Roger StrongRoger StrongДень тому
  • Жаль что с Тайсоном он так и не встретился

    Dik DikDik DikДень тому
  • Let's go bro great job thank you

    Johnmark ErwinJohnmark ErwinДень тому
  • Tommy "The Tooth Fairy" Morrison 2:48

    Rockn OutRockn OutДень тому
  • Fighters can endure power. They can endure accuracy. Put them together and "out go the lights".

    ashemgoldashemgoldДень тому
  • What a sad story but man what a left hook

    Chad HayChad HayДень тому
  • By the time he won title he was spiraling. Drugs women and most likely already showing signs of hiv. Kinda miraculous he accomplished what he did

    Steven WalkerSteven WalkerДень тому
  • Would have been nice to see the mercer defeat

    Lucas Weiman GuitarLucas Weiman GuitarДень тому
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    Splitter LuckSplitter LuckДень тому
  • This Guy is a revengeful

    Voltron TeamVoltron TeamДень тому
  • Clip had more tomato cans than a Campbell’s soup factory....

    Stacey ColeStacey ColeДень тому
  • Jaco was sitting at the pool this morning and that night gets a left hook from Tommy lmao

    Nathan IsaacNathan IsaacДень тому
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    • Fuck yeah

      Somewhere South of MinnesotaSomewhere South of Minnesota19 годин тому
  • They SHOULD have called him Tommy BIG Guns Morrison .

    Yeti8itYeti8itДень тому
  • He was a k.c. boy wasn't he?

    Toothless Blues Boy NormanToothless Blues Boy NormanДень тому
  • tommy looks lime gordon ramsey

    the good guythe good guyДень тому
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    BigDaddyCool42BigDaddyCool42День тому
  • He couldn’t beat an old retired Rocky Balboa. He ain’t nothing.

    BigDaddyCool42BigDaddyCool42День тому
  • Those VHS tapes momentarily reverted me to my 8 year old self.

    DemitriosXDemitriosXДень тому
  • Tommy looks like he hits hard.

    Human runnerHuman runnerДень тому
  • at 4:33 I was like... *** is that ?!

    José Celso Freitas PianistaJosé Celso Freitas PianistaДень тому
  • Wow, just wow. Thank you for putting this together and not focusing on the BS that was going on back then. I’m 60 and was blessed to see a lot of these fights. Though a lot of them were just brutal... It was all about the middle and the heavy. A bunch of great light weights at that time as well. Want to say it was a Tuesday (coulda been Friday) Roberto Duran vs Iran Barkley- holy smokes what a fight... thanks again, and stay safe.

    GlineGlineДень тому
  • I remember watching him as a kid coming up. Great fighter with a hell of a left hook. RIP Tommy!

    Kyris KustomsKyris KustomsДень тому
  • It's a damn shame that a fatal std took the life of such a BADASS

    Poster Child for Living AbortionsPoster Child for Living AbortionsДень тому
  • I like a change

    Joseph RoybalJoseph RoybalДень тому
  • His problem was he could not take a punch if he could have champ for a long time

    David EarrenDavid EarrenДень тому
  • Great video, It made me pause and watch some of the fights mentioned and then continue. Good job.

    Jeff LockardJeff LockardДень тому
  • The legendary power of Tommy the Duke on steroids.

    Justin KulbabaJustin KulbabaДень тому
  • Great video and thanks for the great memories of Tommy. Tremendous Left!

    Aaron MurrayAaron MurrayДень тому
  • Why did he never fight Tyson ?

    Bessie HillumBessie HillumДень тому

    ED HarleyED HarleyДень тому
  • THE WHITE TYSON... WHY Mike never faught Tommy I will never know....????

    TeslaTerminaterTeslaTerminater2 дні тому
  • Good video, man

    Jake MitchellJake Mitchell2 дні тому
  • Too bad he would be Cancelled by these pencil neck geeks because he used the “Duke” moniker....RIP Tommy

    Bill UranselBill Uransel2 дні тому
  • arkansas? Tommy is from Oklahoma

    The mad ladThe mad lad2 дні тому
  • 2:43 a flying tooth

    Daniel B.MDaniel B.M2 дні тому
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    noah jacobsnoah jacobs2 дні тому
  • Felt so sorry for him. The end of his life so tragic.. heavyweight boxing 🥊 so brutal. He was never the same after Ray Mercer..who just destroyed him.

    michael mooneymichael mooney2 дні тому
  • Sex and drugs and knock em cold, Tommy never got old.

    colonialclivecolonialclive2 дні тому
  • Excelente boxeador

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